Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cutie's Current.

Hey Cuties, I thought I'd update you on what I currently use on my face. Okay, so I do admit it doesn't change a crazy amount. I'm a creature of habit. I am trying to really push out of my comfort zone though Cuties! I feel it's a start. What's your current face? I'd love to know. Maybe try some of mines see how it works for you.

Primer: Maybelline Master Prime 200 Blur+Illuminate

This baby has lasted me so long Cuties! I love how this primer sets my face ready for my foundation and it doesn't leave me with a sticky residue. It absorbs into my skin quickly and it leaves me with this beautiful "glow from within" base that I can't get enough. When I need to restock I could just do a quick run to Walgreens instead of waiting for my next Sephora spree.

Foundation: Lorac Porefection Foundation

This foundation(add link for the review for this foundation.) has been doing pretty well for me. I don't know if it's my favorite but one and a half or two pumps gets me just the right amount of coverage. I do still think it's a bit yellow on me which isn't my favorite. Still on the hunt for the foundation of my dreams. Don't got a holy grail foundation yet, I am still hopeful though.

Contour and Highlight: Tarte Collector's Holiday Set

This set(add link to review) has the most perfect contour for my skin that I have found this far. It doesn't make me look too tan which is a definite no go for me. It gives my skin this perfect contour that defines my face without swallowing it whole. The highlight? A beautiful highlight that isn't too golden but is buttery and sits really nicely on my skin.

Trying new things equals new loves.

I love trying out new things and switching up my routine where I can. This is what I've been using lately excluding eyeshadows. Why? Because Cuties I use wayy too many different eyeshadows regularly. There isn't one I use more than any other one which I think is really good. I could attribute that little detail to my indecisiveness, only time it comes in handy. If you Cuties are anything like me you know exactly what I mean. If there's anything you guys recommend that you think I might love I can't wait to hear it! I might even have to go pick it up myself.

Until next time Cuties(:

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