Thursday, April 20, 2017

City Life + City Mind.

Hey Cuties, I’ve been so happy with how busy I’ve been lately! Whether it’s running some errands or meeting up for a movie! There’s just something about being up and about somewhere that you love to live that puts some pep in your step.

Buzzing as always.

Every time I get off the subway and out on the city, I feel it. It’s like this living electric feeling. The city itself is breathing and flowing throughout the day. It changes too, some areas feel different than others. The best way I could think to describe it is a vibe. NYC lifts your mood. It could be cloudy and windy as hell but you can’t help but feel this positive energy going through you.


Oh, train traffic. If you live in NYC, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I mean yes, I understand. I would rather have it this way and be safe than say forget it and be worried about crashing or going off the rails. The trains are one of the reasons I like to get to Manhattan early though. If you try to account for things like train traffic and going local to every stop it makes the commute a bit smoother.


I swear Cuties, every time I go to the city I feel like I’m rushed with inspiration. Blog ideas, dates, aspirations, everything. It’s such an amazing feeling. Every time I finally come home I can’t help but reflect on it. Even when it’s day out and the beautiful lights aren’t up and shining at you, it just feels so invited. It almost feels like the city believes in you and your dreams.

Manhattan is where it's at.

I know I’m a bit bias seeing as how I only seen two burrows but I can’t help it. There’s always something to do in Manhattan! Things happen even if you just sit on a bench for a while. Manhattan makes me feel proactive and productive. Mark my words Cuties, one day, me and my fiancĂ© are going to have a beautiful apartment in Manhattan with a nice view.  

Nothing I love more.

The best part about living in New York even if it’s not Manhattan itself is that it is just so close Cuties. Literally, it’s only a train ride away. I’m so used to it being planes away, not trains. It’s a great feeling. Me and this city vibe pretty well I’d say. I couldn’t be luckier that the love of my life lived in the city of my dreams.

Until next time Cuties(:  

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