Saturday, April 8, 2017

Benefits I've noticed from drinking water.

Hey Cuties, lately I’ve been tracking my water intake. I like to think that I drink enough water in a day to make sure I’m healthy. I was surprised once I started tracking how much water I really need that I didn’t get to benefit from. Then it got me thinking.

More energy.

I've found when I first started drinking water I felt I had this issue where I always felt tired no matter how long I slept. Sometimes even shortly after I woke up, which is strange isn't it? I don't think it's uncommon either. When I started drinking water more regularly, I found this problem literally disappeared. Not only did it disappear but I felt like I had more energy which is such a huge plus for me.

Stronger nails.

You Cuties know I've recently embarked on a nail care journey because quite frankly I'm tired of not being happy with how my nails are. So, while I don't have a regime per say, I did notice that as I try to regulate my water intake it has worked wonders on my nails. My cuticles look less dry and split a lot less. Not a day and night difference but definitely one worth mentioning.

Less headaches.

I rarely get headaches as it was, now I found me having a headache is practically unheard of. It's such a great feeling. I always find that headache stump my creativity. Now, I feel like I'm finally not risking "thinking too hard".

Less tummy aches.

I've had stomach problems since I was a kid. Never knew what caused them and doctors helped to mixed results. Although they haven't completely gone away, drinking water definitely has helped keep my tummy in check.

The unsung hero. 

I feel like everywhere you go people left and right are telling you to drink water. Then they generalize how it helps you do x, y, and z. If you Cuties needed a push or another reason to put some more effort into drinking water I hope this helps! It is worth it.

What benefits have you noticed from drinking water Cuties?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time Cuties(: 

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