Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beginner's makeup guide! (From a beginner)

Hey Cuties, been dying to get into makeup but you’re not exactly sure where to start? Don’t even worry, I got you covered! I’ve covered all the basics to help you get the things you need and a good idea how to use it. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect at first, nobody is.



Where most of us makeup obsessed and makeup junkies alike tend to start is with our primer or base. There are so many types on the market that you could really be picky with what exact type of primer or base you want. You could choose between sprays, creams or even powder type primers and bases. Then you could choose which type of texture you prefer. Like a tacky feel or a silicon feel. For starting out I'd say that to start with a cream primer that you could get from a lot of different brands. From there it's kind of what might catch your eye Cuties.


Next, what's best to do, in my humble opinion is to do your mascara then your eye makeup. I say mascara before eye makeup because if you do your mascara after your eye makeup you risk getting mascara on your eyeshadow that your arms fell off to blend. So mascara first Cuties. Speaking of eye makeup, blend blend blend Cuties. The more you blend, the closer you get to that beautiful gradient which you want out of your eye makeup. Do be careful not to over blend because unfortunately over blending can cause the same issue as not blending. Just go in sections with your different colors and if you're anything like me Cuties you'll want to have your inspo look pulled up on your phone. If you're more creative than me, and have a specific look you want to bring to life I'd say focus on one color at a time and look up looks that have a similar flow to what you want for guidance.


After you've blended to perfection, I'd say that you should move on to your lip color. Lips are pretty simple, if you have a lip liner handy go ahead and apply your lip liner on the natural line of your lips. To avoid over drawing your lips I suggest going in segments and then connecting them. If you don't have a lip liner handy to match your color than take your lipstick and fill in your lips to the best of your abilities. At this point it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect. Once your liner and lipstick are on now you could go in with a small brush and take some concealer on your brush and clean around the edges of your lips. Just try and think of it like coloring. Stay inside the lines and try to keep it as opaque as possible.

Face products.

Yes, this is highly debated Cuties, but I personally feel like you should go in with your face products last. The rest of your makeup can get messy as you apply it, and if you have your face makeup done beforehand any mistake you make on your eyes or lips will be harder to fix. So once your primer has absorbed into your skin while you did everything else it's time to go in with your foundation or flawless base product (BB Cream, Tinted Moisturizer, etc.) and apply even thin layers to your skin and use your brush to buff it out until it all looks even. If you feel it isn't enough coverage for you where it is, add another thin layer and repeat. To avoid looking cakey I find it's easier to remember what the coverage is of the product I'm using. BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers tend to be more on the sheer side overall. Foundations on the other hand usually tell you on the bottle, if you can't find it there, make sure to ask someone who's used it before or at the place you're picking it up. Starting out I found Sephora and Ulta to be a God-send helping with matching my skin and different coverage types.

And you're ready to go.

Once all that is done, if you have a setting spray or powder, (Which honestly, I don't think is a thousand percent necessary when starting out.) you spritz or lightly sprinkle some on as evenly as possible. After that, the best part comes in. You get to look at your mirror and smile. This part is critical. If you don't do this, you might start to think on how you can't do this and how it doesn't look like your inspo. Stay away from those thoughts Cuties. You can do makeup. It takes practice and love but you can do it if it makes you feel happy.

I'd love to see your makeup looks if you're just starting out!

Leave them in the comments below so I could remind you how much fun it really was to do!

Until next time Cuties(: 

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