Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why time why?

Hey Cuties, how have you been lately? I hope you've been doing good! Wow, I really feel like this year is going by way faster than 2016. Isn't that bananas? I feel like everything around me is picking up speed but I got to say lately I've been enjoying it.

This year is flying by.

We are going through this year so fast Cuties! I swear I was looking at a beautiful Christmas tree just a week ago. Clearly time isn't waiting for me to catch up, it's just breezing on by. I guess it's something that happens a fact of life if you will. Doesn't mean that I can't try to enjoy right?

So cold.

Okay Winter, we get it. It took you a while to really get started but it's about to be Spring. I don't know about you Cuties, but I love spring! I love the flowers blooming and the rainy nights and the beautiful spring makeup looks of course. As much as I do love the cold, I'm a bit picky about it. Like I like the cold, I just don't like the air hurting my face you know? I do prefer that to pesky summer bugs that drive me bananas.

Spring where are you?

Spring to the rescue! Please? I want to practice my Spring looks. Even though, I will miss my dark vampy lips of winter time. Spring is such a peaceful time, I love just taking it in and I feel like Spring really does breathe new life into the planet which honestly brings me such peace.

So many releases!

Next to the peaceful natural beauty of outside, we have another type of beauty which of course is hands down my favorite. Makeup. Oh, yes Cuties I'm totally drooling over all the new makeup releases that are just out of around the corner. It's not the best season for my wallet currently.

It's not just me...right?

I cannot be the only one feeling like time is passing fast and I just want to make the most of every minute right? I swear I feel like I'm starting to sound like an old broken record but I just can't even Cuties! I want to go with the waves you know?

Spring is a hit and a miss huh Cuties? Allergy season is around the corner as well! I personally don't suffer from allergies much but I'll hold a Benedryl for you.

Until next time Cuties(:

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