Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Just Can't Even: Nicole Guerriero's Glow Kit.

Hey Cuties, I know you've heard about it. Honestly, I can't stop hearing or thinking about it. Nicole Guerierro's Glow Kit gives me life. Never have I wanted a glow kit this much, good job ABH.

So sparkly.

Instagram is flooded to the brim with swatches and short videos of this glow kit.  It is so sparkly, I love it so much OMG Cuties! It's not the glitter kind of sparkle, it's the kind of sparkle that makes highlight dreams come true.

Buttery highlight.

I'm addicted to seeing these swatches in videos. It just looks so buttery smooth and it rests so nicely on the skin! It glides nicely over any texture or bumps with I think is a definite plus. What could I say Cuties, buttery highlights make the world go round.

So many options.

I love how in this palette Nicole included more than just 4 shades. Not only does it make it easier for different skin tones to find something beautiful but it opens the door a little wider for people to mix and experiment more with their highlight without having to fumble around their whole collections.

My girl's going far!

I've been watching Nicole for a few years and I just always love watching her videos. I do honestly wish she'd upload more often or at least more consistently. I'm so proud of just how far she's come. I really want all the people I look up to, to succeed!

I'm dying to get my hands on it.

It's pink packaging is calling my name Cuties! It is such a nice selection of shades and I've never wanted a glow kit more! I just can't even. Not to mention as usual, the pan sizes are such a good size. I want it so much!

Let me know how you Cuties like it if you've gotten your hands on it?

Until next time Cuties(: 

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