Tuesday, February 28, 2017

YouTubers I'd Check Out: Elesa Anthony

Hey Cuties, I've been on the YouTube again, shameful I know. I discovered yet another youtuber that I really enjoy. Hopefully you guys check her out and enjoy it as well. Feel free to comment below what your favorite video on her channel was!

Down to earth.

Elesa Anthony is so real Cuties, I know I say that a lot but bear with me. Some of the things she talks about on her channel is real life. Things most youtubers wouldn't try to touch. So I do have to give her specifically credit for that.


She is such a dork and I love it. She's unapologetically herself and it looks like she truly enjoys what she does on YouTube. She makes me laugh and is so nice to watch because sometimes she isn't even trying to be funny but it does tickle me sometimes.

Best hauls.

I feel like the things she hauls are unique and are things I feel I really would like. That mixed with her personality makes for a very enjoyable haul that are one of my favorites. I mean it's probably not the best for my wallet I will admit.

Best stories.

I have to admit I'm not usually big on story times on YouTube or things like that. Something about Elesa's make it so interesting and unique to watch for me. I can't really pinpoint it if I'm honest Cuties, but I know it's there. Maybe you'll get what I mean when you check it out.

So glad I found her channel.

I kind of stumbled upon her channel on my recommended and I thought why not? I ended up thoroughly enjoying her channel. I wasn't sure if I would but I'm so glad I did! I look forward to seeing more content on her channel!

Until next time Cuties(:

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