Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Yorks Knicks Experience

Madison Square Garden

Hey Cuties, remember in my last post how I was talking about opportunities, I feel like I'm off to such a good start. I recently got the opportunity to do something really amazing, I got invited to go to Madison Square Garden and watch a Knicks v Lakers basketball game. I feel so blessed and I'm in complete shell shock. Here's how much fun I had.

Madison Square Garden is HUGE.
Madison Square Garden

When I first walked in Cuties, I couldn't help myself. My heart pounded in my chest and took it all in. It was one of those first experiences that you want to replay the moment in your head over and over. I was equally giddy and nervous, I'm so glad we had a nice rep to help us out.

Prep is everything.

Madison Square Garden

Pre-game passes in hand the basketball court stretched out before us. The energy in the court was electric. Everyone was razor focused, both teams on their side of the court doing their thing. Best moment? One of the players, Kyle O' Quinn, addressed the few of us that were watching them practice. Like they say Cuties, practice does make perfect.

Best angle.

Knicks vs Lakers

The seats we were sitting were absolutely spectacular. The difference from court side watching the players practice, and where we were sitting is just unbelievable. I could see the whole court and the sea of fans under me. Not as easy being scared of heights and being that I am short and tiny Cuties.

Learned a thing, or two.

Knicks vs Lakers

Okay Cuties, I do have a confession. I'm not the biggest sports fan and I've never been to a game in person before this one. Let me tell you, that didn't hinder me one bit. I feel like I was able to 1000% enjoy it through and through. Just a couple of questions here and there and I was almost a basketball pro.

Hey, you never know what's around the corner.

Madison Square Garden

Walking into Madison Square Garden Cuties, with my heart pounded almost out of my chest, I couldn't help but think, wow this is going to be something I'll never forget. Let me tell you Cuties, if I'm honest, never for a second did I think that I would find myself here. At Madison Square Garden, watching the players practice and enjoying such a spectacular game. The surreal feeling won't leave me for a long while.

Honorable Mentions and Thank You's (:

Torrie-MSG Representative.

Markie-MSG Representative.

Catie-MSG Representative 

A special thank you again to Kiki from Royal Caribbean, this was such a wonderful opportunity!

Until next time Cuties(:

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