Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Best of Urban Decay.

Hey Cuties, it's no secret that I'm a huge Urban Decay fan. Urban Decay is always such good quality and I personally had so much good luck with Urban Decay. It's pigmented and rich just like I could expect and I just love me some Urban Decay.

Naked 3.

Beautiful and pigmented, my most dependable palette. This palette of mines is so beat up and well loved. I know that when I'm out of ideas, and just don't know what to do with my makeup, I reach for this.

Heavy Metal Liquid Eyeliner.

This glitter liner is so sparkly, I can't even. Urban Decay is really smart with this liner. It works wonderfully as a glitter liner. Not to mention, shoutout to Kathleen Lights, she very cleverly said that these liners can be used just as glitter on your lids. I've tested this, it really works amazing!

Vice 4.

This palette came with its own beautiful palette case. The colors are stunning and the mirror is huge! I love the mirror particularly because it has no type of design on it Cuties. With it's own brush it's like a helping hand encouraging me to continue to play and discover my own makeup styles.

Naked Smoky.

If you want a smokey eye, this is the palette you go for. These shadows, are perfect for almost any smokey eye you might be feeling. This brush is the first of the Urban Decay palettes I've seen with a brush with dense crease brush.

UD Junkie.

Yes, I know what you Cuties are thinking. No I don't have a problem, I believe none of us do Cuties! Urban Decay products are such good quality and I just love seeing what they came out with. Clearly this list is palette heavy but I'm slowly delving into more of their amazing range.

Until next time Cuties(:

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