Saturday, January 28, 2017

Video Games: Is This Me?-No Man's Sky

Hey Cuties, are you as curious about space and the universe as I am. If so, this game will be nice treat. Despite all the negative controversy around to game, I think the base concept is cool. I like the exploring aspect and the discovery that comes along with it.

Vastly open.

This game is unbelievably huge. Literally you will never run out of new planets in this game. It really adds to that space feel that you are exploring the ever expanding universe and I find that very relaxing and oddly enough it helps me reflect.

Interesting planets.

In the few planets I've visited so far in the game, they are so interesting. Which is why I say even months after playing the game that I've only visited a few planets. It's so easy to get lost in the different plant and animal species that are around, not to mention they're a handy list to show you just how many different things you could find on that planet.

Few aliens.

The thing I did find odd is that there were very few aliens. Trust me, I'm not one of those people that are alien enthusiasts but I do believe there are plenty out there. Which why I was kind of expecting more different and interesting aliens. The aliens I encountered were so unique that I wish there was more!

Jack of trades?

This is the kind of game where you really don't get much of a guiding hand. The thing is Cuties, you don't really need it. You could do what ever you feel in that moment, want to mind a certain mineral? Do so. Want to upgrade your ship to its limits? Go for it. You could do anything available to you without even needing to specialize. Why specialize when you could dabble in everything?

The universe is a beautiful thing.

The biggest thing I got out of this game was just how vast and endless the universe is. I feel this game is such a nice way to experience what could truly be the universe. It's like an inkling of what could be just outside our galaxy.

Until next time Cuties(:

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