Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tatcha Lust List.

Tatcha Lust List Wishlist.

Hey Cuties, Tatcha is such a beautiful brand I'm surprised at myself that I don't just want to try it all, all at once. Alas my dear Cuties, skincare doesn't work that way. Still I cannot wait to get my hands on these little luxuries.

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. $48

This skin mist has been raved about so much I cannot even wait to get my hands on it Cuties. Although I do have to say I'll have to keep myself in check and not give myself a second bath in the stuff which I have a feeling will be very tempting.

Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate. $110

I've never personally had much experience with serums but this one sure sounds luxurious along with its price tag. As far as I could tell since this serum is a concentrate a little would go a long way. Anything that could work while I take some zzz's makes me a happy girl.

Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter. $48

I am absolutely obsessed with body butters. No lie, I just love how they feel on skin. They absorb rather nicely and make my skin feel so soft throughout the day compared to a lotion. Who doesn't want soft silky skin Cuties? I know I do.

Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm. $36

My lips get chapped year 'round. For the life of me I don't get any breaks, so you Cuties already know I live for some lip balm. This gold lip balm is almost too pretty to use but I need the nourishment aspect for sure. I would feel like a completely pampered princess using this thing.

Heavenly luxury.

Tatcha is known for skincare that you could swear by but naturally this comes at a price tag. For me personally Cuties, I'm willing to pay for skincare that makes a difference even if it takes me a while to finally get my hands on it. Skincare is an investment, a very good one if you ask me.

Until next time Cuties(:

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