Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

Hey Cuties, I've spent some quality time with this set and I am so pleased with it, it makes me absolutely giddy! It might have a place in my travel bag for good, not to mention its stunning to look at!

Beautiful shades.

What can I say Cuties, these shades are absolutely stunning. I love using them for my every day looks where I want to look like I tried hard but without too much struggle. You know exactly what I mean. They blend beautifully together and the fallout I've noticed is nothing too major.
Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

Travel essential.

This would fit perfectly in your overnight bag or suitcase with no problems. I honestly feel it eliminates some hassle when it comes to deciding what palette(s) to take with you when you're traveling. Although if we're honest Cuties, you know it's going to be more than this but at least with this you got the basics.
Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

Good sizing.

I feel like the size and shape of all the products in this set are perfect because it prevents unwanted mixing of all the products. I especially love the sizing of the face products, I believe most brushes feel nice when dipping into the product without a flurry of powder everywhere.
Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

Universal gloss.

This gloss color is a pretty nude. I really think it's not too too nude and would compliment almost every skintone in some way. I need to get a full size of this product because it has this effect to make lips look fuller and plumper which is a big plus. The travel size is perfect to steal from the set for your handbag though, I won't judge Cuties!

Tarte Collector's Holiday Set Review.

What more could a Cutie ask for?

This holiday set is absolutely amazing, I love it so much! I really hope you Cuties had the chance to get your hands on it. I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure that this is still in stock anywhere. This makes me so excited for future sets to come and I really have discovered just how useful they are and not just something to look pretty on your vanity.

Until next time Cuties(:

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