Saturday, January 21, 2017

First Impressions: Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set.

Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Hey Cuties, I was so excited when opening my presents to see this beautiful set. My heart just about died. Santa must have known just what a good girl I'd been all year long! This holiday set is one of many that came out but in all my excitement I just went straight to play.

Best travel buddy.

This set has all the basics you could need Cuties. I feel this is so perfect to travel with it. It's even bulky enough that it wouldn't get hurt but not too bulky to fit in a travel bag. Just looking at this thing sometimes gives me the travel bug. Something about this palette screams Spain at me.

Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Beautiful approachable shades.

Tarte shadows are beautiful and buttery. These shades are neutral and matches so well together. The pans are a pretty good size as well. I love how they play together and makes the whole process of creating a look natural with something special Cuties. Plus, neutrals have the perfect way of enhancing your nature beauty in a way I just can't get enough of.

Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Amazing contour.

The contour color in this set blows me away! It's not overly warm on my skin and doesn't make me look too orangey. If you have a more fair skin tone like I do this contour is going to be a winner for sure. Not to mention a little goes a long way and if you over do it, it buffs away like a dream. Goodbye baby face for 2017!

                            Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Highlight heaven.

I'm pretty sure the aliens know there's life on Earth from this highlight. It is so glowy and radiant that it is so easy to glow your life away Cuties. Although if not applied correctly it does make my bumps on my face and my pores more obvious. So, tread carefully Cuties.

                            Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Tarte's done it again.

Tarte is such an amazing company and this is a huge success in my book. Every time I look at this I smile. I'm so happy I got this for Christmas. I cannot wait to see what they might come out with next Christmas. I can't wait to see what travels I might stumble across to take this with me as well!

Tarte Collector's Box Holiday Set

Check out the review here.

Until next time Cuties(:

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