Thursday, January 26, 2017

Discover with Me: Sheet Mask

Hey Cuties, I dipped my toes into skincare a little more. I tried sheet masks and I'm so glad I did, it was quite the experience. I want to stock up and really try this out a bit more Cuties!

Super messy.

When I first opened up this package omg Cuties was it messy. You could imagine the scene of me trying desperately not to waste any skin loving product. I think a little even got in my hair if I'm not mistaken. It got messy so I'm glad I was in the bathroom Cuties. Be careful because the sheet mask is literally drenched in product.

Won't fit your face perfectly.

I know now what people mean when they sigh in frustration that they're sheet masks don't fit properly on their face. I looked like a ghost that got into some kind of accident I swear. Trying to work that to my advantage to scare my fiance was fruitless. It took everything in me to not be adjusting it every minute to get it to fit just a little better on my face.


What I do love about this mask is that there is no mixing, no scooping. Just put it on your face and it's done and you can relax. It's a lot less steps then almost any other mask I've seen. I guess that's the beauty of it isn't it Cuties?

Don't move.

Remember when I said relax? I meant it. You don't want to be doing much else with this on your face put it could be bad. You definitely don't want the eyes nose and mouth holes moving around. So do this mask as your moment of zen and just catch up on what you might have missed on my blog (No shame).

Perfect addition.

I think sheet masks are the perfect addition to have to your regular pampering and skincare routine. They're easy and fun to do, I want to pick a few more to try. The mask literally does the work for you. You just get to relax and feel the difference, maybe even see it with your own two eyes Cuties..

Until next time Cuties(:

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