Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oldie but a Goodie: Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara.

Hey Cuties, this mascara is a dependable one. I admit I do buy and use a variety of mascaras but I do try and make it habit cycle through all my favorites old and new and this is no exception. So, don't pass this one by without a second look Cuties! My review of this mascara is right here if you want to check that out first Cuties!

Multi use.

This beauty right here plays well with others Cuties. I wouldn't say to use her as the first mascara on your lids but she is a good one to put somewhere in the middle. A good strong help to your lashes without overwhelming them, great as a last coat of mascara as well!

Beautiful packaging.

I think this packaging is so unique. Its faux gold leather makes its feel so quirky and fun that I smile every time I look at it even now! With this on your vanity you'll never forget to put on mascara. Even if it's very quickly as your out the door Cuties.

Strong finish.

This mascara is wonderful at just holding your lashes together just the way you want, it does work wonderfully alone. I, my dear Cuties, am a mascara junkie and one mascara almost never feels like enough. This mascara feels like the cherry on top when I've whipped up the cocktail of mascara I'm wearing that day.

Top lash rockstar.

This mascara is a wonder for your top lashes but it stumbles a bit when it comes to lower lashes, at times I feel like it falls a bit short. Sometimes it curls the lower lashes too much or just not enough. It takes some fiddling in this case.

Gimme some lash.

All in all this is still a powerhouse of a mascara and Tarte is an amazing brand .I would totally suggest you give it a try and add her to your collection if she catches your eye. I feel with a little effort and a funny face to go along with it this mascara can give me the lashes I dream about Cuties. With a couple of coats, this could be your lash hero.

Until next time Cuties(:

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