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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Textured Eyeshadow Palette Review.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Textured Palette Review.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Textured Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey Cuties, this lovely palette is yet to let me down. It's almost scary how much I love this beauty. It makes me really sad. Not only is it a bit steep in price, but it's limited edition as well. That aside I get so much joy and creative confidence using this palette it is unreal.

Don't be liberal with the shadows.

One thing about these shadows is that a little can go a long way on your brush. If you pack too much color on the brush this makes it a bit overwhelming and tougher blend away than other palettes. It is a bit cumbersome in that sense. These shadows aren't overly pigmented, but they are a bit unforgiving if you're not careful.

A bit messy.

As much fun as the beautiful top row of the palette, the textured shadows are to play with, they do get messy. As you might think Cuties, these shadows are worth living and dying for in pigmentation but since it works best with your fingers, it tends to be a little messy. I personally don't mind dealing with a little mess for a whole lot of wow.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Textured Eyeshadow Palette

 Clear packaging.

A huge advantage I've found with palette is that it helps you make up your mind for a cohesive look. A quick look you could figure out what exactly is the look you want to go for without constantly going back and forth. The opening and closing can wear a girl out! I'm totally rocking lazy girl status sometimes. (Don't tell anyone.)

Tool free eyes.

Yep, you heard me Cuties, I do believe it's possible to use this palette, all the colors, without brushes. I feel like they are pigmented enough that you know what you're getting on your lid without being surprised at how it looks on your lid. Don't know how often I'll be doing this but it's pretty cool that if I wanted to I could make it work. No brushes challenge anyone?

Explore your imagination.

This palette has tested me time and time again. Asking me to open up my mind a bit more and jump out of my comfort zone and just see what happens. With all hype and excitement on this palette I'm glad it does exactly what Huda herself does. Inspire and encourage creativity.

Until next time Cuties(:

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