Thursday, December 22, 2016

Color Coded.

Hey Cuties, I feel this is an unpopular opinion. Here goes, I think we should totally color code our makeup to match all one color! (or at least mostly one color) Hear me out Cuties, I don't see why it's not worth a chance!

Outfit matches perfectly.

When you're mostly sticking to one color then you don't have to worry too much about your outfit and makeup making sense together. It's only one thing to worry about matching instead of a "neon color mermaid complicated I spent all day in this and I'll rock it to bed if I have to" vibes. I digress because those looks are just as fun.

More forgiving.

If you botch up a little because you got a little distracted during your fierce Nicki Minaj rap, it happens to the best of us I promise, then this is a lot easy to fix. Since your working with maybe two colors at most then you could usually blend and buff until you have the desired opacity that is just as complex and beautiful as anything else except it could be our little secret if you didn't get it in the first try. It still looks super flawless.

Practice gracefully.

Let's say you're not the best at liquid liner like me and a lot of other girls, it's okay. This would be one of those times that the impulse to give it a try and see how it turns out can work out in your favor. If the thickness isn't right how you like it, you could get away with rocking it anyways. That does loads to help you keep at it.

It's just plain fun.

Makeup is beautiful, but it's also really fun! So what if you don't feel like getting really complicated, you don't have to. You could look just as good with a simple easy look that you feel fabulous in. Just imagine your Instagram feed and Snapchat stories now Cuties.

What color are you feeling?

The best part about a look like this is that you're not limited. Want to go for a neutral shade all out go for it! Feeling neon blue, you rock it Cuties! I feel like this isn't talked about enough and it should be because it's fun and beautiful! Even if you've never picked up a brush it's something that could make you feel good. I'm sure you look good too Cuties!

Until next time Cuties(:

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