Thursday, November 17, 2016

Youtubers I'd check out: Nazanin Kavari.

Hey Cuties, it's nothing new that I browse through YouTube pretty often and I find myself watching a wide variety of people. A girl has to have her new makeup tutorials am I right Cuties? Well, recently I stumbled upon the beautiful and talented Nazanin Kavari. She is so inspiring and encouraging to be honest.

She's amazing at makeup.

Just go and check out her tutorials, you will know exactly what I mean Cuties. She is absolutely stunning and a joy to watch. It is easy to follow what she is doing which is so hard to do with some of the tutorials I've seen. I honestly feel like I could do my makeup along with her, maybe not perfectly but at least there's a chance here Cuties.

Her vlogs crack me up.

She is so funny and she surrounds herself with positive energy and it really gives off that vibe of having a close girlfriend that you trust. Not only that but with her vlogs it doesn't feel like she's putting on a show, in the sense that she doesn't act to be more interesting than she is.

She works so hard.

She's been on YouTube for a very very long time Cuties. It's so inspiring that she started from literally zero and slowly worked her way up. She's just above 500K now and it's obvious when she speaks about it that she's even in shock and awe about it. A literal definition of #girlboss.

She reps you always.

She's always listening to what her audience wants from her. She does a lot of good giveaways and catches you up via vlogs or updates squeezed into other videos. Want a specific look? Not just you? Then you're in luck!

Check out the Kavari Krew.

What I've noticed that really makes me smile is that her community is so positive and supportive. Which is always a plus Cuties, not to mention she has merch! I think it's so cool that she has shirts and her supporters look so cool in her designs. I only wish the best for her and I absolutely love her channel. If you haven't yet, check out her channels Cuties.

Until next time Cuties(:

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