Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lorac Porefection Foundation Review.

Lorac Porefection Foundation Review.

Lorac Porefection Foundation Review

Hey Cuties, I have put this poor foundation through some tough days. This gem stood strong Cuties. Not perfect, but definitely good. She did not break, she stood firm and she didn't let me down Cuties!

Work horse.

This foundation is a work horse to boot. I put it through days of long walks and some shops. I didn't notice any melting or moving of the foundation and all my products on top of this foundation stayed right wear I put it without a hitch.

Beautiful canvas.

This definitely made a beautiful canvas for me to work my magic on, it blends smoothly and is very forgiving to mistakes that can be gently buffed away without an ugly smeary mess. I did have a bit of worn off foundation towards the end of my day but it was a small and easy fix Cuties.

Lorac Porefection Foundation

Little goes a long way.

With just one pump I manage to get myself medium coverage, with two pumps I was practically full coverage. I say practically because I my dear Cuties am not a porcelain doll and my skin is a toughie sometimes, honestly it has a mind of its own. I am super happy to say that I do get a lot of coverage out of smaller amounts of this foundation which of course also goes a long way for avoiding cakiness.

Smooth as butter.

My eyeshadows and face products blended so seamlessly and beautifully into this foundation. I found it easier than others I've tried. That tend to have me feeling like I needed to work extra hard to make my makeup have a beautiful flow.

Good start.

This foundation is a solid choice for me Cuties. Even after a long day, I look absolutely flawless which is something we'd all want am I right Cuties? A solid foundation I will keep in my collection in a pinch. I'm not sure if there's better but this is one you could count on.

Until next time Cuties(:

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