Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving. Almost.

Hey Cuties, finally Thanksgiving is almost here again! The yummy food and being surrounded family is something I always cherish. Did I mention the food? I love me some good turkey. I got a food baby just thinking about it Cuties!

The food.

Let's take a moment and think about all the yummy foods that are going to be on our dinner tables. Your favorites that mom, grandma, or whoever is the chef in your house only makes once a year. Let's be honest Cuties, if they didn't make it just once a year it wouldn't be as special or as satisfying am I right? There is just some foods that just go with the holiday season and make it worth while.

The laughs.

Bonding is so natural and meaningful during the thanksgiving season Cuties, the genuine laughter and joy that comes around the table is worth the wait year after year. Sometimes the only time you get to bond so closely with some loved ones are far and in between but the holidays are always counted on for the warmest reunions.

Christmas excitement.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is buzzing about Christmas and wondering about what they might have under the tree. Or even better what they got others under the tree! The excitement is electric and the hints and pleading last all through dinner!

The dishes.

This has to be arguably the most dreaded part of the Thanksgiving meal for the boss which in my house it's us. All the yummy food we coddle the whole day really makes a number on our poor pots and pans. The best strategy I found Cuties is to wash the dishes as you use them if you don't have a dish washer. Also make sure you give your hands a little TLC all that water surely dried them to oblivion.

Gotta love the holiday season.

I am and have always been a gal that loves the holiday season. The joy and excitement always makes me happy and feeling blessed every year. I love the family that surrounds me and I can't think of any other people I'd love to spend the holidays with.

Until next time Cuties(:

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