Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Impressions: Lorac Porefection Foundation

Lorac Porefection Foundation.

Lorac Porefection Foundation

Hey Cuties, I got to admit, one of the hardest things for me to find to love is foundations. I always feel like my skin is in a weird place and I'm just not getting the blank canvas I want. This Lorac foundation looks promising. I'm going to give it a good college try Cuties!

Blends smoothly.

When I first pumped out to foundation it was so opaque that I was a tad worried about how well it would build into my face. Luckily for me that was not a problem this foundation buffs very nicely into my skin. I do feel this foundation has a bit of a thicker consistency without you looking in horror at your brush thinking cake face.

Solid medium coverage.

When I picked up this foundation Cuties I wanted a full coverage foundation. My skin is still in the process of clearing up so I didn't want my bumps to be so pronounced. When I actually did apply it to my face and buffed it out I found that with one layer it did about what I would call medium coverage. I have yet to try to build it to full I'll be sure to try and do that for you Cuties.

Beautiful bottle.

One of the things that of course drew me into this foundation was, get this, the packaging, big shocker huh Cuties? Well I can't help myself! It has a beautiful clear top and chic sleek bottle with some heft to it. It really does feel like a luxurious foundation without emptying out my savings.

Lorac Porefection Foundation

Long wearing.

As soon as this foundation sets Cuties, I feel like it really does set. Which is a total plus when you're out and about all day and want that perfect canvas staying put. I'm the type of gal who does touch her face on occasion and I still found that it didn't smudge or run in a weird way. When it does start to fade it does so in a gradual even way but I have gotten a good run so far.

Blank canvas.

Cuties, I have acne prone skin, so to me just wanting a smooth canvas to play with does make a huge difference in my day. A good staple foundation is hard to get your hands on, we all know this. Especially when you're in the weird place between acne prone but not super oily skin. I'm still on the hunt Cuties, could this be my staple?

Check out the review here.

Until next time Cuties(:

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