Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Animal Testing Alternative: Synthetic Skin.

Hey Cuties, I know I'm not the only one who feels a little happier when they put on their favorite cruelty free makeup brands knowing they aren't hurting their favorite furry friends. Let me tell you Cuties if you haven't heard. There has been a huge development in the permanent end to animal testing!

The big toughie.

Synthetic skin has been in development for a while in hopes of ridding the world of animal testing. The only problem is that fake skin has never had hair follicles or be able to secrete oil and sweat just like animals and people. So, it really limits how effective it is at testing the effects of certain ingredients on real skin. But Japanese researchers have made a huge development!

Mice to the rescue.

Yes, Cuties, unfortunately it involves real mice to help them out. The process involves extracting cells from the mice's gums. It's a very complex process but from what I read this could also prevent mice from having to be used in the future. In my opinion it doesn't sound like it would necessarily hurt the mice but I can't find much details.

Multi use.

This development is so ground breaking and not just for makeup testing! With artificial skin, we could get closer to making organs for people who need them and a world of difference for severe burn victims! I cannot tell you Cuties how huge I feel this step forward is!

Every step closer.

The only drawback with have so far Cuties is the fact that the skin is yet to make new nerve fibres. It could only connect to ones that already exist. Not to mention the hair that grows on the synthetic skin doesn't always match the rest of the skin. Like a white hair mouse would start sprouting black hairs on the synthetic skin which can be problematic seeing as this could affect skin tone as well.

We will end animal testing.

With this exciting development this past April I am so excited and ready for us to keep pushing forward to eliminate animal testing. Not only for us animal and makeup lovers but the severe burn victims and the people who need organs who would benefit from this and lead happier lives. Ending animal testing and securing happier lives for others is a future I can't wait to be a part of.

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