Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ulta Shopping Guide.

Hey Cuties, with makeup shopping on the brain I was browsing my Ulta app and I thought just how little credit it really gets. It's affordable, you get free gifts, you have drugstore and high end stuff. It's a great place if you want to get all your shopping done mostly in one go. Especially with the holidays looming closer.

Sign up for Ultamate rewards.

This program is of course very similar to the Sephora Beauty Insider if you already have one of those. Of course Cuties, it is essential in my book to make sure you have both to really get the most of out your buck. This process is super easy to do online or in store, in store is a lot more fun in my opinion though, you get a few cards to pick from for your rewards card.

Download the app.

I feel like the phone app is essential to Ulta specifically because they tend to have Ulta exclusive products and deals. Do you Cuties really have the time to log in every time to catch that sale before the goodies you have your eye on sell out?

Never forget to check the current ad.

This is something I try to do religiously myself Cuties. Always checking the current ad to see what is on sale makes making your game plan a whole lot easier before you hit the store or checkout. It could be a bit dangerous for your wallet so be sure you know exactly what you want to spend Cuties. Don't say I didn't warn you Cuties.

Never forget your free gifts at checkout.

Some brands on Ulta, even some of your favorites tend to have free gifts if you spend a certain amount or catch a good promotion. I literally always double check if there are any free gifts with my purchase. Sometimes Ulta even gives free goodie bags for spending a certain amount on Ulta brand products! Simply ask your cashier at checkout or make sure to double check on the website. It is usually on the item page if it includes a free gift, but I do believe they add your free gift automatically.

Ulta is a magical place.

Ulta is a great place if you're looking to get your drugstore and high end shopping on in one place. They have such good sales all the time. When I realized they even came out with a credit card I knew I wouldn't even be able to control myself, ever. None the less, if you never been to an Ulta or there isn't one near you go online. Honestly, it's a life changing experience. I wish mines was closer Cuties.

Until next time Cuties(:

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