Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sweet or Sassy?

Naked 3 vs Naked Smoky.

Hey Cuties, if you haven't noticed I'm an Urban Decay palette junkie. I absolutely cannot get enough and I reach for my Urban Decay instinctively. It got me thinking, the two palettes always sitting on my vanity are Naked 3 or Naked Smoky. Sweet or Sassy is always a question for me...

Naked 3.

Soft colors always look so dreamy and ethereal.

One thing I always did love about my Naked 3 palette is that the pink hues and rose golden shimmers always felt so fairy like and feminine I could not get enough. It's easy enough to make this palette work for you day and night. If you're as rose gold obsessed as me Cuties this palette knows just how to make you feel feminine and beautiful no matter the occasion.

The colors are slightly less pigmented.

What I did notice from this palette as opposed to Naked Smoky is that these have a more powdery feel to them. You have to work a little harder to get some intensity out of it. Wetting a brush then dipping it into the shade is worth a good try Cuties. Some of the more sheer shades are intended to be less pigmented though. Although I feel it helps with the softness of the looks I usually go for with this gem.

Naked Smoky.

Colors aren't overly thick or intense.

This being advertised as a palette for any kind of smokey eye it did have me a bit worried about how dark the shadows might be to work. Fortunately, these shadows are the perfect amount of pigment to not give you the infamous panda eye. It is so easy to hold up your smokey eye with the brush included as well. The look guide is definitely an added plus if you're a smokey eye newbie like me.

Shadows almost feel like cream shadows.

I'm a little in shock about the texture though, it's the smoother sister of Naked 3 almost cream like. I definitely enjoyed it though, and it made putting a shade and keeping it in its place a lot easier than I thought it would be. The texture really helps the gradient pop and look like if you've done it a million and one times. It's so fun to really play up a smokey eye with this palette.

Sweet or Sassy?

So Cuties, I can't really say I lean one side or the other. These are like two sides of the same coin to me, they are both just so wonderful! Being honest with myself, I have to say? I go with sweet. I depend on my Naked 3 religiously and I fully believe it's gonna be my first palette that's really roughed up and full of me hitting pan. I love my Naked Smoky palette but I have to play with it a bit more before I could say I choose Sassy. You know never what the future holds.

What about you Cuties?

Sweet or Sassy?

Until next time Cuties(:

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