Saturday, October 29, 2016

A girl needs a pop of color in her life.

Hey Cuties, I gotta say, Colourpop has absolutely stolen my heart. It is such an amazing company with amazing pricing and quality. It has yet to let me down Cuties, and it deserves a lot more praise. My Colourpop collection is definitely no small feat but it is a proud achievement in my eyes Cuties. If you haven't heard of Colourpop Cuties, I'm glad to give you my overall thoughts.

A whole new level of creamy buttery eyeshadows.

I myself have never owned cream shadows but these are absolutely amazing. They blend so easily and are so pigmented. All I need for these to find out perfect? My fingertips! No brushes needed for sure, so easy on the go and perfect for vacay!

Matte lips are to die for.

Colourpop's matte liquid lipsticks are absolutely pigmented and long lasting. They last me all day long, even though my lips feel a bit like the Sahara. Now they even have satin lip colors that are so comfortable!

Affordable for all.

Everything on Colourpop is so affordable Cuties. Honestly I'm in love, it's perfect for a treat yo self that wouldn't break the bank. With lipstick starting at $5-6 USD and the shadows only at $6. Not bad at all!

Color range suits everyone.

They have so many colors, I can't even decide on one! I'm sure you'll find at least one color you like Cuties! I always find a few and they match wonderfully with shadows and what not. They are just so beautiful I want them all.

Start your Colourpop collection Cuties.

If you haven't heard of Colourpop Cuties, I urge you, get on their site and have a look! It's affordable, beautiful and long lasting. What more could a makeup lover on a budget want?

What is your favorite Colourpop product?

Maybe I'll love it too!

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time Cuties(:

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