Saturday, September 3, 2016

Muddy Body Experience.

Getting down and dirty to get clean.

Hey Cuties, two nights ago I hit another milestone. I don't think I could get over how soft my face feels right now. Like a baby's BOTTOM.  This mud mask was a first and a joy to use. Not to mention I got some unexpected results too. Let's get to the nitty gritty Cuties, ready to get your hands dirty?

Sticking to the basics.

Since it's my first time doing any type of mud mask I figured I'm just going to read the bottle and follow those instructions. I've seen different added ingredients for even more benefits but I figured I wanted to put this bad boy to the test! So, no honey, no apple cider vinegar, JUST water. Although to be honest with you Cuties, water is the one thing that is free easily accessible and no hassle so I applaud Muddy Body for that. I don't know about you Cuties, but when I need specific ingredients to make something do it's magic it's a bit of a turn off. If you're anything like me, seeing just add water is a sigh of relief. After that you get to add more ingredient to pump the benefits you want and totally make it your perfect mud mask, get this, without spending a fortune. Round of applause, please.

Let me see that smile.

Once I got down and dirty and started to spread the mask in an even layer on my face it was a dark green color, but Cuties what I didn't know and I suggest you do is work FAST. If this is your first time doing a mud mask like this, you'd be surprised how fast it dries. When it did dry(you'll know it's dry because the color will turn into a light green as opposed to a dark one) my skin felt toned and tight but not in the uncomfortable way. I could smile pretty easily without any cracking in the mask and you Cuties know how much of a chatterbox I am and that was no problem either. The 15 minutes went by in a flash honestly.

Buh bye blackheads.

Watching this mask work Cuties was absolutely incredible. As makeup lovers and junkies we put so much stuff on our faces day in and day out. This mask does all your heavy lifting for you, once I cleaned my face and put this on, it got to work! As it dried I could see my blackheads cry for help and I was surprised that around my acne it didn't feel overly dry. They looked smaller as the mask dried! Absolutely incredible Cuties, might just be an acne savior.

Silky soft.

When it was time to wash off the mask at first I was a bit concerned to say the least. I mean it is a MUD mask I don't feel like staining my towels! Fortunately, even just rinsing it off my hands there was no gunk or mud left when I dried my hands so I moved on to the face. When I was rinsing this off it felt like I was rinsing off all of my worries and insecurities about my face, my face felt absolutely silky soft and as I pat it dry I seriously contemplated on whether my face has ever felt this soft. Of course, Cuties you must always remember not to touch your face but regardless even the next day my face feels just as soft!

Guilt-free pamper session.

This experience was not only fun to apply but it was absolutely luxurious and 100% guilt free. Every ingredient in this mask is natural and FULL of skin loving ingredients. Looking on Muddy Body's Instagram and social medias it almost looked too good to be true. A skincare newbie like me with those kinds of results, questionable indeed. I got to say Cuties I was wrong, this is so simple and fun and luxurious. Take your bestie, your mom, your sister, your husband, your cousins, literally anyone and give this a go with them. You will not regret it. This mud mask has made a place in my heart not only for being my first mud mask but for being a staple in my skincare journey.

Until next time Cuties(:

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