Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Morphe Lust List.

Morphe Lust List Wishlist.

Hey Cuties, I was on Morphe this week, always a dangerous activity. I got to say I've had my eyes on a couple of things. That won't break the bank. Slam dunk. The variety of products Morphe has is amazing, they deserve all the love and more!

Set 686-18 Piece Vegan Brush Set. $50

Morphe is known for their affordable brush sets, and this set just catches my eye. It is so beautiful and it just looks like everything a makeup loving gal might need in a pinch. Not to mention it is vegan so it's so much more accessible to more people which is always a plus!

350-35 Color Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette. $23

The famous, the coveted. I just had to add this to the list because I love the colors included are so every day and this palette is so affordable. It is something anyone can find themselves using on a day to day basis. If your anything like me Cuties, inspiration doesn't come easy sometimes. With the popularity of this palette there is plenty of videos to find just the look you are going for.

35F-Fall into Frost Palette. $23

With the metallic love in full swing the colors in this palette are so rich and I don't know if they did this on purpose but the colors scream fall to me. Again, these palettes are so affordable I don't see why you Cuties wouldn't want some nice metallic shadows to play with, my only small annoyance is that Morphe doesn't name their shades which makes this get a bit complicated.

4AM-Morphe Creme Lip Polish. $3.50

I could literally afford to buy all of these. Judging by the small amount, but raving reviews for this lip creme I could confidently say this is a hidden gem! These are said to be so comfortable to wear and so pigmented. They need minimal reapplication but other than that, I feel like I definitely need to get myself at least one.

Good makeup doesn't mean expensive makeup.

I've actually noticed this a lot Cuties. There is a misconception going around that high end makeup is supposed to always be better than more affordable makeup. That is especially not the case if you do a little digging. So always keep your peepers peeled Cuties!

Until next time Cuties(:

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