Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm gonna be a bride.

Hey Cuties, if you're new to my little corner of the Internet this past New Year's Eve I got engaged. I've been easing into planning my wedding ever since. If you're a regular, well you Cuties know just how much I've been wedding planning bliss.

Beautiful venues.

Here in NYC there is so many beautiful and jaw dropping venues to be wedded. The views are absolutely incredible, and it makes it so hard to narrow down where the perfect spot is for me to say I do. I do get a bit picky about certain aspects and how easily my guests would be able to get there. All these venues make me feel like the venue would make me feel like even more of a beautiful bride.

So many dresses.

I usually tend to stick to two types of dresses, at least I think I do Cuties. With all the gorgeous lengths and styles I want my dress to be just right. Every girl wants to find her perfect dress, to feel like a bride. Have that moment of becoming the wife to the man or woman of your dreams. It sure is difficult, but the good news is that I'm sure to find a dress with all the variety to choose from.

Food is king.

I am a foodie. No Cuties, I'm not the best home cook in the world not even close. I do watch my fair share of Food Network and I feel that makes me qualified as a foodie. I want the food to have enough variety for all my guests to enjoy. The wedding cake? Forget about it, I want it to be exquisite, something that me and my husband love it'll be the star of the food show so to speak Cuties.

How's the weather?

Seasons are very important when you're planning a wedding. Some seasons are more pricey, some are typically more busy so makes it harder for guests to be able to attend. The weather kind of ties into everything from my dress to the small touches in the decor.

Prep is key.

Cuties, I got to say, I'm a planner. I feel like prep is key, I love to have plenty of options and backups just in case. Plus, I love the process of planning things and looking into different aspects, I just really enjoy it. Especially for my wedding, honestly, I've been dreaming about this time and I never thought it would happen. Yet, here I am with a wonderful fiance and living in my favorite city in the whole world. Holy cow, I'm gonna be a bride.

Until next time Cuties(:

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