Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cutie's Current.

Hey Cuties, I've noticed that through thick and thin lately I've relied heavily on these face products to get me through. I thought I'd give my quick thoughts on my current face products and let you in on how they're working for me.

Primer: Maybelline Master Prime 200 Blur+Illuminate.

First thing right off the bat that I love about this primer is that it has an SPF of 30. Which as a gal that doesn't know a lot about sunscreen sounds pretty good! This primer also has a pink undertone to it, I mean, it comes out of tube pink. As you put it on your face you are left with just a slight pink undertone, which I personally love. I feel like this helps give me a healthy glow and radiance.

BB Cream: L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Fair.

This BB cream does feel magical Cuties, especially in the sense of how it first comes out the tube! It comes out super pale white and as you blend it into your skin it matches it. I always thought that was really cool but seeing it work on a day to day really does put some pep in my step. Once it's applied it feels like I just put on a filter that makes all the pesky red dots on my face look less angry and I'm ready to go and out the door.

Foundation: L'oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation W2.

This foundation is such a little marvel. I love the cushion design, I feel like it makes blending out my foundation a snap and my arms don't get crazy sore doing it. I find that I could build it very well but only to what I find to be medium coverage not the full coverage I find myself aching for sometimes. I do notice as well that I get a tad bit oily around my t-zone but nothing to write home about honestly.

Contour/Highlight: L'oreal Infalliable Pro-Contour Light/Benefit Watts Up.

This is my first kind of go at contour product so this duo is working out quite well for me Cuties. It tends to be quite powdery but none the less it matches my skin just right and it's become easier to get the hang of honestly. I do like the subtle highlight shade although I'm realizing about myself is that sometimes I want a more intense highlight without stopping traffic just yet. So that's were my mini sample of the Benefit Watts Up comes to the rescue although I do tend to put the highlight powder from the L'oreal Pro Contour over top of it.

So what's on your face?

Well Cuties, that's all the products I current wear on my face. It's worked out for me pretty well. I'm still learning my way around a contour but I'm improving every day. I would love to know what you Cuties are using currently on your face so let me know! Is it any good? Is it your go to?

Let me know the inside scoop!

Until next time Cuties(:

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