Thursday, September 22, 2016

Curly Cuties 101.

Hey Cuties, I've been needing some curly hair encouragement lately. So, I dug through my Instagram and I came across the absolutely stunning and completely inspirational Tiffany Rivera. From her Instagram I clicked other to her YouTube and found her hair journey video and it gave me so much hope. So, I got in contact and asked if I could pick her brain. She agreed and helped me come up with the very basics to get Cuties like you and I along on their hair journey!

Clean your locks with love.

If you were blessed with curly hair you have a duty to make sure to clean them with love. If your shampoo and conditioner says in the ingredients -sulfate, -silicon, parabens or sodium chloride don't even put it in your cart. These are known curl killers and if you love your curls, they will love you right back. You could tell how happy they are by how much softer and more defined they become!

Drugstore Gems.

Renpure Originals Coconut Cream Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner are gems that won't break your wallet. Tiffany loves them so much because the coconut cream contains lubricants that protect and hydrate your curls. Not to mention they are 100% free of all the curl killers so you could breathe easy Cuties.

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibicious line are such affordable and accessible hair products to jump start your curl journey. Not only do they smell amazing but they are 100% all natural, so nature knows what your curls crave. This line definitely jump started my curl journey and it holds a special place in my heart. Do you like pina coladas?

Curls Beware!

Aussie hair products, including the famed 3 minute miracle mask contain silicon that not only damages your hair, but this harsh chemical is also found in your cleaning supplies! Talk about a red flag, Cuties.

Where to look.

The natural section that's typically seen as the African American women hair care is the best section for us curly Cuties. Make sure to always check the ingredient list Cuties!

High-end Go To's.

Devacurl is amazing high end company and it did absolute wonders for my hair. I'm currently using the Devacurl Decadence products and my hair has definitely been enjoying all the pampering love. You can't go wrong with Devacurl if there's anything you wanna splurge on, Devacurl is a good way to go.

Moisture reigns supreme.

Curly hair loves moisture. It needs a lot of moisture for it to be bouncy light and beautiful. A lot more than any other type of hair. The most common problem with curly hair is that it's crunchy and frizzy, it's calling for moisture Cuties. Deep conditioner is always a must to really give your curls that oomph. You could always go store brought but curly Cutie Tiffany prefers her natural recipe. She whips up one avocado, a scoop of coconut oil, and 2 eggs. Blend until smooth and then apply for 30 minutes minimum. You could see just by looking at her that her recipe is worth the try for sure!

Rock curls with style.

Styling products are always the things to get curly hair just right. So even if you're just beginning your  curl journey you could build up your curl confidence! Bounce Curl hair gel was a total game changer for Tiffany with a price tag that won't hurt your wallet. It's something you should dig more into Cuties. Currently online is the only way to get your hands on this little gem. So you're not sure how to style your hair without abusing your precious Chi flat iron. Low buns, high buns, braids, French braids, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Cutting curls always hurts.

Length is nothing to your curls if the ends are straight and dead. Cuties, Tiff and I both agree it's best to rip off the bandaid and at least cut those ends. Depending on how bad the curl situation is, your best bet to get the curly hair of your dreams is cutting your ends, or the dreaded Big Chop. Cutting off all the damage in one go and starting fresh. I can't even say I'm that daring Cuties. So, before you make the Big Chop make sure you're ready for the journey to come! The best oils to grow out your locks are lavender, black seed, and coconut oil.

Curly Cuties unite!

So go on Cuties, embrace your curls. I know it's scary and really discouraging at first. It gets so much better with time. Enjoy the journey, and really get to know your curls. I was surprised at how slowly but surely my confidence in my hair is growing, without having to kill it with my Chi flat iron.

The road ahead.

Tiffany's hair journey is so real, and inspirational that you Cuties just have to check it out. She's been there like we all have, but it shows that it's possible with patience and love for your curls Cuties. So watch this video, give it a like and let her know you're a curly cutie. Don't forget to subscribe either! She's a total sweetheart and she'd love to have you Cuties!

Tiff's video:

Until next time Cuties(: 

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