Thursday, September 1, 2016

Autumn Scents.

Hey Cuties, Happy September! You know what the beginning of September means right?! Autumn is here!! Almost officially anyways (Officially Autumn begins on September 22), but Autumn none the less! Who doesn't love this time of year?! Besides all the kids going back to school, unless you were like me Cuties and actually really enjoyed school. Once a nerd always a nerd Cuties, that's the best part! With the new season upon us, as we transition our makeup, we could also transition our scent. I mean, who else smells your perfume all day besides you. Might as well take a sniff around if you will.

Nirvana Bourbon.

This fragrance is all about chic, bold, and confidence. As the weather starts to cool the holidays start to come around which brings this air of happiness celebration and indulgence. This perfume with notes of vanilla bourbon, oak wood, and Tuberose (not really sure what type of scent this last one brings to the table though)is a perfect way to keep you smelling like you couldn't be more ready to steal the show Cuties.

Black Orchid.

Hello fabulous lady! That's really my thought on this perfume. It is so luxurious and deep and sultry, all things a woman should be. I feel like now in September when we really start getting into fall a scent like this a date night perfume that makes you feel like an absolute goddess. Along with deep woodsy scents it also has some rich fruit scents which I think are a beautiful compliment to each other Cuties. I would say to be careful with how much you spray this sounds like it could become overpowering very quickly if you're not careful.


First of all Cuties, it has the shape of a purse! With a metal chain strap and everything! The packaging is definitely a 10/10. This perfume has rose scent in it so I'm already half way sold depending on how strong of a rose scent it is. This perfume is supposed to smell very strong of florals. Honestly I'm a florals type of girl so if you're anything like me this one is worth a spritz at the Macy's counter.

Coco Noir.

This perfume is intense, and it definitely sounds like it will be smelled from across a room Cuties. I feel like the rose and jasmine notes working together sounds so heavenly. This scent is perfect for fall by adding a bit of warmth with some Indonisan Patcholi and Sandalwood. Perfect for warming you up as the weather cools down.

Perfect transition.

The thing is Cuties, you could quote me on this, Winter is Coming. Just like in our clothes and makeup it is borderline essential to make sure we have a transition period to get us ready for the cool months to come. I say cool because Winter is another story all together Cuties. I feel these perfumes are perfume to get us in the Autumn mood. I know it's my favorite season, and not just because it's my birthday but because everything about Autumn just feels right. Even the perfumes.

Until next time Cuties(:

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