Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pick up your controller Cutie.

Hey Cuties, with the busy summer taking a bit of a toll on me, especially on the heat waves hitting the east coast lately. Thanks Mother Nature really, although it has given me the chance to play some more video games and it got me thinking about games I really love playing that always looked not as not as fun to watch.

Earth Defense Force 4.1

This is quite a bit of niche title Cuties, but if someone sits you down and says, "watch me play this" prepare yourself. This game is about killing giant ants, no joke, there are giant ants trying to take over the planet sent by aliens I believe. It is such a weird experience to watch. When you play this game though, there is a weird satisfaction that comes with blowing up and shooting up these ants. Sounds so odd but I promise it's one of those things that you understand when you play. So, if you see this guy at your local game store. Give him a shot and see how you like it.

The Sims 4.

I am a HUGE sims fan. I love playing the Sims I could sit in front of the computer for literally hours just playing the Sims. I realized though, when my fiance is playing, the fun fades quite quickly. It's more fun when you have an attachment and sense of the personalities of your sims then otherwise. Not to mention there are times when you're like but why didn't this sim do this? If you're anything like me it's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that those aren't your sims. I definitely suggest picking yourself up a copy if you can, just note it is most definitely a time sink.

Mario Kart 8.

This is the first and only Mario Kart game I have played. It is such a fun game! In the heat of the race it is exhilarating and a nice alternative to a straight up race simulator like Forza or Forza Horizon. I personally can't imagine playing a racing games without my spinning question mark boxes. This game is such a bore to watch in the sense that it gets mighty odd watching someone go around and around in circles and doing flips. It's such a blast to play with friends so I would say it's the perfect party game.

UFC 2.

This is cringe worthy to watch for me personally Cuties. I'm not a gal who knows a lot about fighting but for real, this game is super realistic looking and it feels like I'm watching an actual match. Now if this is your cup of tea by all means you will definitely enjoy watching it as much as you enjoy playing. For me personally, I'd prefer dosing out the punches, which is so satisfying when you feel like you just want to punch something. Talking to you Aunt Flow.

Controllers don't bite.

At one point Cuties, I was one of those girls that could never get near the controller. I always preferred watching. Until I really picked up the controller and really gave it a shot. I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed being in the player's seat. Not every game is going to be for you, but you will discover and find your type of game that you really enjoy and it could surprise you.

Until next time Cuties(:

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