Thursday, July 21, 2016

That's Heart is all about that Zen.

Hey Cuties, I know I'm not the only one loves a good YouTube beauty guru binge. This gal is so bubbly and fun and perfect for a low energy wind-down 411. That's Heart is funny and sweet and will having you looking for more videos.

She's down to earth.

She will definitely keep it real Cuties. She has this knack of knowing when she's rambling a bit but she shares the important (and fun) tidbits. It really feels like your hanging out with your best friend and it's like 3am. I know you Cuties know what I mean! Although fair warning, if your midday watching, put the volume up. She tends to be tame in the best way, doesn't help for volume though.

She'll keep you in the know.

One of my favorite videos to watch of hers, besides her hair videos, is her PR hauls (Shoutout to the hauls, you're my favorite). In these hauls, she explains that it's PR which is important, then she will pop open at least one. Give it a try and talk a bit more details like shades and if she knows the price, when it's coming out and things like that. Super useful Cuties, especially for the splurge.

She makes you laugh.

She is soo funny Cuties! Like she is such a bubbly fun person and I find myself laughing and giggling right along with her. She's super relatable and doesn't have that feel of huge beauty youtuber about her and it's just wonderful.

She's the best to binge watch.

I am super guilty of missing out on my That's Heart because life gets so busy. When I finally get a day to relax and get some me time one of the first YouTube channels I turn to is That's Heart. It feels like a long-distance friend you're finally getting some quality time with.

Chill and positive vibes.

When you're up for a bubbly makeup talk and hairstyles without any crazy or it's a late night binge, I say Cuties, go with That's Heart. She's the dependable beauty youtuber that I can always expect a fun positive and chilled out video. Go to her channel if you haven't already! Tell her I sent you.

That's Heart

Until next time Cuties(:

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