Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Guys in Makeup.

Hey Cuties, I know I call you gals sometimes and whatnot but I've been thinking, there's a lot of guys in makeup. They are actually really hard to miss but nobody is talking about how hard it is for them. Like honestly, I feel like it should be no big deal but I noticed in the blogging world I've yet to find a blog about makeup written by a guy. I know they're out there and they don't deserve all the taboo.

Guys are makeup artists.

There are more than enough guys in the makeup industry. There is probably more male makeup artist than females from what I've seen to be honest. For anyone to say they haven't they probably weren't looking hard enough. Hello? Get with the program.

Not all guys in makeup are gay.

There is nothing wrong with being gay. Just because you see a guy slaying with gorgeous makeup that doesn't mean he's gay. Makeup in my opinion is an art form, and everyone has the right to be expressive and use it without it having anything to do with their sexual preference. Makeup is for the soul after all.

Guys can be really good at makeup.

I can freely say I've seen guys do their makeup way better than I do mines. There's nothing wrong with that. With Youtubers like MannyMUA and Patrick Starr, I feel my whole existence has been slayed. Not to mention they are freaking hilarious and definitely more relatable sometimes.

Guys have as much right.

I feel like as many of us girls that encourage and really don't mind guys using or being good at makeup, there are some that still do. At the end of the day Cuties, I would want everyone to experience makeup if they wanted to, I feel it's a super magical thing.

Makeup has no gender.

Makeup is a product for us the consumer, what gender you are simply isn't in the picture. So, I say, yes, go and experiment with makeup if you're a interested and you're a guy. There isn't anything wrong with that and I'll always be in support of that. I really feel like this isn't really talked about. If you have any guys that are interested in makeup, have them read this Cuties, because they, just like any of us, deserve a little encouragement. If you are a guy reader or you just stumbled here, you go do your thing.

Until next time Cuties(:

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