Thursday, June 30, 2016

Video Games: Is This Me?- Dragon Age Inquisition.

Hey Cuties, I got to tell you. I finally did it. I finished Dragon Age:Inquisition. I miss the world already. I miss you Cuties, I'm gonna give you the full scoop. Fasten your seatbelts. You're going to want to pick this game up like, this very second. Amazon, Gamestop, anywhere, just go get it.

Your moral decisions actually linger in the minds of the world.

The butterfly effect, the domino effect, however you want to call it Cuties it is happening in this game. No matter what part of the game, no matter how good your relationship with an NPC(Non-Playable-Character) is they will remember throughout the game what you did for them. What you didn't, the decisions that you made. They will bring it up to you if it concerns them enough. This doesn't just go for individual characters either. Entire monarchies will slay if they feel you cannot be trusted. Which definitely breathed life into their world and made me feel like what I do would carry weight.  

You won't want to kill some bad guys, even if you need to.

Believe it or not Cuties, I'm not kidding with you. No matter the genders or races of these bad guys, when it is later revealed, their true intentions do feel like they started from a good point but then quickly soured. Sometimes Cuties, it took a lot out of me to press that A button. Even other tea still I stayed with the lingering feeling if I had made the right call. In a game, I feels that's absolutely a powerful experience. It's hard to nail in these types of open worlds but when they do, it's something you can't forget.

Your closest followers are really impacted by the type of leader you are.

What type of hero in video games do you usually like to play as? The honorable, humble, good guy? Or  the brooding cynical good guy? In Dragon Age: Inquisition it is a firm shade of grey. Just let you in real life Cuties, the people closest to you won't always agree with all your choices. There will come great times when their faith may feel a little wavered or gone altogether. It is almost unsettling how easy you find yourself growing fond of their friendship, learning their quirks and hoping that they agree or can at least understand your decisions in the end.

Not everyone could be happy with you at once.

You know how your parents used to tell you that you can't please everyone? Or that no everyone is going to like you? Their words of wisdom definitely apply when it comes to influence in this game. These diplomats are righteous as often as they are selfish slimeballs. They will most definitely undermine you in your rise to power and once you are powerful. I never thought politics in a game could be this much fun.

What's your legacy?

Dragon Age: Inquisition is all a matter of choice. Being a cruel dictator with an iron grip? Or a humble leader of the righteous. The true answer is, that you're going to be firmly in the grey. You will find yourself making tough and bad calls, almost as much as good calls. You, my Cuties, are Herald of Andraste. The Inquisitor.

Until next time Cuties(:

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