Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Haul Spree.

Hey Cuties, I know, I know, I'm sorry being MIA lately this summer has gone absolutely hectic. I will try and post for you guys at least once a week. I got some good stuff planned! Here's the 411. You Cuties deserve this much and more.

Happy Summer.

Ahh, it's finally summer Cuties. Time to break out the flip flops and ice cream. You know summer is officially started when the AC is blasting on high and you could still barely feel it. If you're anything like me your relationship with summer is strictly in the "it's complicated" category. The summer kills me because I have this unbelievable hatred for sweating. At the same time, it's like something about summer makes me wake up every morning smiling and wanting to take advantage of every moment. Either way, every new season brings its own adventures and I can't wait to see what Summer 2016 has in store.

Fashion hauls.

Oh okay, Cuties, if you've been around me and my blog long enough you know that I am sadly a fashion disaster. To put it nicely, but with summer getting into full swing. I need to step out of my comfort zone. Crop tops? Maybe. Capri pants? Definitely. Cuffed boyfriend jeans? The jury is still out on that one.  I'm a conservative gal, and when the girls take more attention than I would like it makes summer shopping a bit harder. So, bring on the hauls. Forever 21, Topshop, H&M, Missguided just bring it all on! If you Cuties have any hauls, leave me a link trust me when I say I'm dying to check it out.

Makeup hauls.

Hmm, I'm not sure this one should be surprising. Either way I have been discovering so many new things in the world of makeup. Dupes, splurges, must haves, it's a rabbit hole I find myself down often lately. Please don't get me started on the makeup subscription boxes. They are literally Christmas every month. Helllooo, it's no wonder these boxes are absolute magic. Sometimes the pixie dust is a little bad and there are some misses. Either way I'm always on the hunt for new products. Makeup, beauty, and skincare products complete me. I know you Cuties agree.


Are you ready for me to get a little preachy? Bare with me. I left it for the last paragraph.
Cuties, don't let anyone dull your shine (A bit generic no?). I do mean anyone though, family included. If there is something you want out of your life I say go for it. Even if nobody believes in you, I do. Even if you feel like it's silly, give it a chance and see what happens. Keep the people who bring you up and help you hold your head up high close, and keep everyone else on the sidelines where they belong. This life is your show, you could change whatever you want and make it how amazing you always imagined. I haven't always had a clear dream, and I've stumbled a bit in the dark, and it made me even stronger. No matter how hard it seems, it's crazy how different it feels to just put all that negativity behind you. So just know if you Cuties need an ear to hear you out I'm here and I believe in you. I absolutely believe you could keep positivity and happiness shining through.

Until next time Cuties(:

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