Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stationery Must-Haves.

stationery flat lay

Hey Cuties, as you already know I couldn't love stationery more if I tried. As my list gets longer and longer I've really had to straighten myself out a bit and justify how I just need these. I mean just look how helpful they are! Show this to a loved one if you're having trouble getting that totally adorable notebook that you are most definitely going to use.


I'm a huge fan of notecards Cuties. To be honest I actually always find them so hard to use. Not because they aren't absolutely stunning, because they are. That's exactly the problem Cuties, they look so sleek and inspiring I just have to make sure that I'm using it for the right reasons. I absolutely need to have them on hand, as often as I can.


I'm always on the hunt for somewhere to find good prints. I think that they add a brightness and inspiration to your surroundings. Positive vibes are bloggers zone. There is a size, a font, color and message for every mood imaginable. Not to mention the aesthetics. Oh, the aesthetics Cuties. Who says you only need a few? You need them, all the ones that speak to you, trust me, I'm an expert.

You could never have too much prints.


I have a million and one of these and I still need some more. Notebooks help me brainstorm, stay on time and keep my to do's straight. I'm a strong believer that notebooks will help you stay sane and on track. I know I'm not alone Cuties, ask any blogger that have forgotten an idea because they couldn't find where to write it. Notebooks save lives.

The must-have special touches.

Sticky notes, because reminders on your phone are so last year Cuties. I mean there is nothing like making self-notes to jot down things you need for the supermarket or just remind yourself that you kick and you're a queen. Bonus points when you have a surprise for your special someone and you want to leave hints. Super cute ones are easy to find too. Not to mention things like stickers and washi tape get you in your zen mode. Look how pretty and organized this week is, you know you're going to kill it, this does wonders for productivity. I simply wouldn't be complete without some gel pens, every color too! Nobody got time for just black red or blue. Why stop there Cuties? You got the whole rainbow and more.

Perfect gel pen starter kit.

Can never get enough.

I think stationery is for everyone and every occasion honestly. I bet you could think of a time that you wish you had a sticky note to jot something down. Or a dream that you desperately wanted to remember in a notebook. I’m telling you stationery helps everyone every day. You just got to find the ones that fit you Cuties. I know you will. 

Until next time Cuties(:

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