Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Maybelline New Vivid Lipstick Review

Maybelline New Vivids Lipstick Review.

Hey Cuties, Happy May. I finally have my verdict on the Maybelline New Vivids lipstick. I have the shade Brazen Berry. So hard to choose trust me on that! Does it talk the talk? Yep. Does it walk the walk?....

Beginner friendly.

This Maybelline lipstick is completely beginner friendly, it's affordable, so many shades, and effortless to pull off. Not to mention Cuties you could find these babies everywhere, no problem. If you mess up? No sweat this comes off the corners of your mouth with a little bit of makeup remover without a staining nightmare so good boldly and rock that lip.

Maybelline Vivids Brazen Berry Review

Transforms from Day to Night.

This lippie can be rocked day or night Cuties, the way it softens in the light without losing opaqueness is a wonderful feeling. At night, it feels deep and rich and absolute perfection. Halfway through your night feeling a different color lip? Or maybe you want to to pop on that ombre. Oh, the ease with these Maybelline Vivids. It's amazing.

Throw this one in your bag.

Unfortunately, with the ease that it comes off Cuties, it really does come off quickly. So, if you're in for a long haul day or night, throw this baby in your purse for reapplication time. The good news? The reapplication couldn't be easier thanks to creamy smooth and even application.

Craving more pop.

My only gripe with this lipstick is that I feel myself wanting more pop. For a lipstick called Vivids, I'm missing the vividness, that pop, that wow color. When I go for something vivid Cuties, I want my lips to be the star of my show. With the Maybelline New Vivids lipstick I have trouble hitting this note. I get more of a toned-down version of a color I want to be seen a mile away. I am in no way saying there isn't a time or place for this lippie. If you're looking for a nice subtle pop of color because maybe bright and bold isn't your thing but you need a break from nudes without breaking the bank, this is your baby.

Maybelline Vivids Brazen Berry

Wallflower's dream.

This lipstick is definitely a step. Depending on where you are with your makeup love. Could be a small step or a big one. Maybe it's a small one because you're a gal on a budget and these lipsticks should be a dream to practice your ombre skills. Or maybe it's a big step because you're a Cutie all about her nudes but you dream of trying out that color lip but don't want all the attention there. This lipstick is one you could pick and will find a use for it Cuties. It's creamy, affordable and so many color choices. Maybelline is definitely a go to for affordable everything. Even if this lippie isn't your cup of tea.

Until next time Cuties(:

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