Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beauty Then Beauty Now: Perfume

Hey Cuties, you got a signature scent? Now imagine if you could drink it and literally bathe in it. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Oh, the good ole days! Crazy stuff Cuties, and I'm not even joking. I'm just glad the people making our perfumes today have good faith. I'll explain, bear with me.


In the 12000 BCE Tapputi, the very first chemist that also happened to be the first perfume maker in the world. She used flowers, oil, calmus, with cyperus, myrrh, and balsam. She added other solvents here and there with water then she distilled and filtered many times and voila! Perfume at last Cuties.

The oldest perfumery was found in Cyprus.

In 2400 BC, being estimated to be over 4,000 meters squared Italian archeologists suspected that the perfume was being created at an industrial scale. 14 fragrances native to the area were found in leftover mixing jugs. Anise, pine, coriander, almond, and parsley is what is thought these perfume makers preferred. I can't help but wonder what that smelled like Cuties.

First modern perfume. At last.

Made of scented oils and an alcohol solution was asked for by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in 1370. It was known throughout Europe as Hungary Water. The oldest surviving recipes call for distilling fresh rosemary with strong brandy, while later recipes seemed to contain things like lavender, mint, sage, marjoram, costus, orange bloom and lemon. Talk about mixing it up huh Cuties? Not to mention, early recipes recommended you wash yourself and drink it for the most benefit. It multi tasks? What can't this perfume do?

The sweet smell of murder?

In 1656, perfumed gloves became wildly popular in France and the guild of glove and perfume makers as established. Perfume makers were also known to make poisons. Yes Cuties, you read that right. Read it again, I read it like 5 times and I still can't get over it. A French duchess was actually murdered when a perfume/poison was rubbed into her gloves and slowly seeped into her skin. Talk about a slow death! I wonder what the duchess did, I mean, that's just cruel. At least she smelled wonderful?

We've come a long way Cuties.

From solid perfumes, to distilled fragrances, and finally to the way of scented oils and alcohol solutions. Although perfumes can't heal you like in Hungary at least our perfume makes aren't poison makers like in France. Can you Cuties imagine how expensive perfume would have been if we made it any of the old ways?

Where I got my info if you wanna read up.

Until next time Cuties(:

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