Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My secrets to starting off your day well!

Hey Cuties, mornings are a difficult part for us all. Especially if you don't wake up in the morning, afternoon anyone? I got  say Cuties, no matter what time it is I wake, I just hate when I wake up feeling grumpy without reason. These secrets are life savers. I mean besides discovering smudge-free.

Secret #1: Smile. Seriously it works.

What I love to do in the mornings, or when I wake up from a nap, or when I slept in, is to smile. Yep, just lift those corners of your mouth. You could do it, it requires exactly 0 effort, with a dash of willpower. It gives a perfect positive start to your day before you're even out of bed! It could make a huge difference to the rest of your day, promise you'll try it?  Right now. Are you smiling? Please?  Yes!!  See you go girl!!

Secret #2: Stretch it out. Take your time.

Sure Cuties, you probably stretch while in bed or right when you get up (if not, it feels amazing, and it brings that smile I was talking about). How about trying it when you're already for work or ready to see the latest episode of your favorite show (Hell's Kitchen is mines Cuties. It's insane). I know, I know, if you're anything like me Cuties, you are not exactly super flexible. That's totally ok! Just stretch it where you can and take deep slow breaths. It's super relaxing and I feel so much more energetic right after I do this. A definite must you should try and squeeze in!

Secret #3: Sip your favorite drink. No rush.

I know with our busy lives and hectic days it's hard to not just want to get our errands done ASAP just to get back in bed. I get it Cuties, trust me. Instead of doing a million things at the same time and your coffee/tea getting cold then you have to pop it in the microwave, try to take it a sip at a time even if it's not for too long. A few minutes just sit and sip on your favorite drink and just enjoy the taste and calm before the storm, or maybe just your few seconds of peace. You might not feel like a chicken with its head cut off when you're done. After all, in those few minutes you could take a peek of your favorite blog too! Yes, I'm talking about me, I'm so modest no? Moving right along..

Secret #4: Take a peek outside.

How's the weather Cuties? No I don't want you to tell me what the weather channel app says. I'm saying take a moment and look outside. How bright is it? Too bright? Blinds are welcome. Windy out? Crack the window a bit and let mother nature welcome you to another day! It really does put your mind in focus Cuties.

One wonderful day at a time.

These secrets will most definitely have a positive effect to start your day Cuties, maybe do one? Start where you want and you will feel the difference. These rituals are something that I definitely try to go out of my way to do. If you Cuties even try one of these please let me know how it goes.

Got secrets of your own?

Share with the Cutie Community in the comments below!(:

Until next time Cuties(:

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