Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First Impressions: Maybelline New Vivid Lipstick.

Maybelline New Vivid Lipstick.

Maybelline New Vivid Lipstick

Hey Cuties, I have had purple fever as of late. Light shades, dark shades, I'm totally for it. I found myself reaching for my fav drugstore brand Maybelline's lipstick. This gorgeous color in a stand out case, how could I say no? Here's the scoop.

Everyday pop. Perfect way to start any day.

I got to say Cuties, I'm a fan of the purple lip. I feel like it does have a place in the workplace and off days. It's saturated without being something that is distracting. Which is definitely a plus if you don't want people staring at your lips all day. If you're anything like me Cuties you are dying to put a pop of color anywhere you go.

Super Affordable. So yes, more shades.

Affordable is being able to branch out budget in mind. With this lippie being $8 how can you go wrong? Even if it ends up being not your thing. Your wallet with definitely thank you. Plus, you could totally justify picking up more than one. Promise.

Even Opaqueness. Needed for the soul.

The trouble I have with most drugstore lipsticks is that the color application isn't even. It's blotchy and faded which is a nightmare that just puts me down in an instant. This lipstick has nice even opaqueness that I could get behind. Maybe it's not the brightest, but I feel like every and any Cutie can rock this.

Reapplication a bit of a pain. Sad face indeed.

This lipstick isn't really that long lasting for me unfortunately Cuties. I love the color and all but I find myself keeping this one on me "just in case" which I will look into more but I sure do hope it is not so.

Vivid is its name, but can it walk the walk?

I have had this lippie waiting for it's time to shine and I can't wait to see what magic I could work with this one. So far I'm positive for it, this will definitely be my go to for a while!

 Check out the review here: Does it walk the walk?

Until next time Cuties(:

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