Monday, May 2, 2016

Makeup Brands You Should be Loving - Beauty Bakerie

Hey Cuties, you know what always blows my mind? When I find and support these amazing companies that have great products and amazing press. For the life of me, I could barely find anyone talking about them or sharing of their greatness. Uh hello Cuties? I want everyone and their mom's cat to know about amazing new makeup products that I and many, many others cannot get enough of! Today I'm talking Beauty Bakerie.

No smudge. In-freaking-credible.

Yes. Cuties I swear I mean it. I didn't believe it either, until I got my hands on it. Tea. Water. Kisses (lots of them). Snacks. Not a smudge to be seen! Incredible. All day long, it's my definite favorite red lip to date. Lippies is not all they got Cuties! They got brow products, eyeshadows, gel liners, and of course liquid lipsticks.

Gorgeous colors. Yes, you need them all too.

I'm in love with my bold red, Mon Cheri. I feel so perfect and fierce. I could eat drink and even take a nap if I need one without a care in the world. Wonder if this is what famous people feel like. They also have gorgeous nudes I need to get my hands on and perfect pinks. Ahh, I swear I need them all Cuties!

Matte lip is totally in.

We all rocking this matte lip, and looking fabulous. Beauty Bakerie leaves with you with a comfortable matte that you will forget is even there. Until you catch that stunning person in a reflection. Oh girl who is thattt? 

Super adorable packaging.

It reminds me of licorice and all things sweet. Sweet swirls have me craving candy! I absolutely wish I got this packaging, it would be picture heaven! It will be easy to find without looking when you want to show your besties your magic source. Trust me Cuties you won't be needed it for reapplication.

More products please. My sweet tooth can't even.

Cuties, I got to say, I cannot wait for even more lippies and products from Beauty Bakerie. I'm in complete awe that this #girlboss is just getting started. She is clearly rocking the game and she knows what we really need. No smudge. Fierce colors. Total sweetness.

Go see all they have: Total Sweetness.

Am I right?!

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time Cuties!

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