Thursday, March 24, 2016

March's Most Used.

Hey Cuties, as March is coming to an end I noticed there's quite a bit of new guys in town in my most used. I wanted to give them a little spotlight in this post. You might notice eyeshadow is missing but between you and me, my blending game has been slow, so my arms need more practice. Clearly. Without further adieu March's most used, in no particular order.

Babylips in Peach. Who doesn't love peaches?

This is something I put on almost instinctively, it's my go to chapstick, that saves my life when I feel a dry spell coming on. Or the horror when I see it looks like my lips are going to crack Cuties, I always go for the Babylips. If there's anything I would most likely wear every single day it would probably be this. I love chapstick and Babylips is near and dear to my heart.

Loreal Magic BB Cream in Fair. Light and breezy.

This BB Cream to me really is magic. It's perfect for those get up and work days, that we got to be on the subway train like yesterday. Simple and blends like butter, this is foundation when I know I want my skin to breathe. I wear this more than my foundation sometimes. It feels so natural and delicate to me Cuties.

Maybelline Master Prime in 200 (Blur+Illuminate). Never fails.

This prime feels light and it absorbs into my skin rather quickly Cuties I love that about it. Not to mention it's super affordable at $10. I tend to try and spoil myself with these. Especially when Ulta is having a Maybelline sale. Which believe me Cuties, comes around plenty of times.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Mon Cheri. Feeling T-Swift vibes.

This is a incredibly beautiful red. When I first heard of Beauty Bakerie I just had to get one of their lip whips and Mon Cheri stole my heart. When I first put it on I was filled with disbelief and bliss when it lasted all day and I could kiss my loving fiance and no marks. Absolutely amazing, no smudge and it lasts all day long. Food and drink included. Heaven at last.

Benefit Roller Lash. Totally workable.

I usually love to mix and match my mascaras but this one is always the first I apply. I just love how it separates my lashes so beautifully and it gives me that starting omph Cuties that is soo easy to build out without getting.... spider lashes.... Shudder.

Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Noir. Brush Queen.

Great Lash pairs almost perfectly with my Roller Lash, I've been in love with this combo this month Cuties. I'll tell you something, it's soo amazing how it looks like you barely tried this morning and you just woke up flawless(yes beyonce all day, every day). I get complimented on my lashes with this combo so nicely. I always love to feel like my lashes on fleek(Do kids still say that these days?). Did I mention this brush has to be one of my favorite mascara brushes ever? Makes lower lashes easy peasy.

Slaying the Basics.

This month for me Cuties has been pretty basic. Not to mention utterly classic. I'm new to these types of posts so please, let me know what you think and if you want to see these more often. There's a lot of newbies I've been loving this month so I decided to spill the beans. What have you been loving this month? I've been favoring my eyes lately, then again I'm a sucker for eye makeup it's my favorite kind, that and lip products. Ohh yess. 

Until next time Cuties(:

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