Saturday, March 5, 2016

Luxurious Treat Yo Self's that need to be on your list.

Hey Cuties, I've been looking up a lot lately Cuties. What I mean is things I aspire for myself and what I would treat myself to. To be honest it's inspiring and motivating in itself the thought of being able to get yourself something that you thought wouldn't be possible. Or just feel more positive that you might have it one day no matter what. Think of it has free retail therapy. I should be a therapist huh Cuties?

Chloe Roses De Chloe 2.5 oz . Roses. 'Nuff said.$120

I love the scent of roses. I must admit this now. Subtle, classy and this one has been on my personal list for a while. Just looking at this perfume makes me feel so classy and feminine. Now if you are not a rose smell loving girl this is probably not the one for you Cuties. I'm all for rose scented and pink. Win Win.

Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Exceptional Compacted Pearls of Powder. Fairy Princess.$179

Cuties, this powder must be fairy dust. It's color correcting and just stunning, not overdone packaging makes it feel sleek and luxurious. Not to mention it has real diamond dust. Woah. Perfect for setting the makeup of queens.(aka you Cuties.) 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. Home away from home.$95

This is for my flower power Cuties, this amazing floral scent is light and fresh and absolutely possible for every day. Its relaxing scent takes you to your happy place with only a few spritz of this beauty. Plus, it's pink. Always a plus in my book Cuties.

La Mer Creme De La Mer 2 oz. Creme de la Creme.$310

This is literally the creme de la creme of moisturizers. This cream is almost guaranteed to help your skin in some way that it has been needing help. This price promises that much on top of all the rave reviews. This is a huge splurge item for sure Cuties. Let me know if this cream is as coveted and amazing as it sounds!

Louboutin Tpoppins. Dorothy got style.$745

These are princess shoes. I would feel as cute as a button in these pumps Cuties, red bottoms of course. In a stunning red and I would feel like the 21 century Dorthy. Absolutely down my alley. Plus it comes in the milder classic black of course Cuties! 

Louboutin New Single Pump. Red Bottoms Fierce.$795

Ah, red bottoms. A shoe lovers dream in my book. Classy, fun, bridal, edgy, you name it. You can find your style with the signature red bottoms. This one is on my list because it's simple and its classic black making a fierce statement. Meow. 

Givenchy Antigona Medium Sugar Goatskin Satchel Bag. My Dream.$2,435

This is the big guy of them all price wise Cuties. But this is the bag of my dreams. Like if I had this bag I'd feel like my life is just going keep getting better and all the positive energy  will be rainbows and unicorns. Mostly all would be good with the world. In black of course, and it's a big bag without being huge. I freaking love it Cuties. Best of all it has silver, I'm a silver girl for the zipper and such and you won't believe how hard that is to find Cuties. I could definitely compare it to trying to find a unicorn.

Splurge City.

These splurge worthy items are definitely not on my maybe next month wishlist. These are the coveted maybe someday in my life. Of course, there is much much more I wanted to and could have added to this list but it would literally take you a week to read, at least. If anyone wants to treat themselves (or me hint) this list is definitely a good list to start. Maybe there will be more to come. Who knows? I think you do Cuties!

Until next time Cuties(:

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