Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hair Woes and Wedding Clothes.

Hey Cuties, I'm going late night this post. Well 9 almost 10pm New York City time. I'm lame no? Of course not Cuties, but I am a bride to be. A newly blonde one. So mental status would be MIA without you Cuties! 

I'm platinum. Blondes have more fun?

Okay, so yes, Cuties, I was Silver/Grey. I freaking loved it more than any other color thus far. But alas, it fades rather quickly. So, in a chic matter I've decided to just try and enjoy the platinum before returning to my beloved Grey. Can't judge if I haven't tried it right? Plus, I heard blondes have more fun? Fact or not Cuties? Let me know.

I'm a planner girl. No really, I am.

Yess, I've been obsessing over planning lately. Stickers, washi tape, cute paper clips, the whole nine yards. Now that there's a wedding in the distance future, I need a million wedding themed stickers. I'm joking except not really. Don't get me started about wanting to get in shape for the wedding. Oh the woes.

Picking "the" dress is "the" biggest pain.

Oh yes. The star of the show next to the man of her dress. All eyes will be on this dress. Does nobody mention the pressure that comes with that. Finding "the" dress feels like a magical journey. If only finding a dress that awe them all will be that easy. Fairy god mother? Any of Cuties can send her my way?  I am in need of her services. Thank you.

Wedding bells. Let them riing.

Cuties, yes. Every. second. I. hear. them. The glorious wedding bells. I tell my fiance every day that I cannot wait to be his beautiful bride. It is an amazing experience. I hope that everyone honor that special someone with a promise and commitment to stay together the rest of your lives. And I want to see all your wedding pictures. All of them Cuties.

Dreams do come true. Especially with elbow grease. 

What can I say Cuties, I'm so blessed to be in engaged bliss. I also never thought I'd even think of accepting being a blonde. Life has a way of surprising you. As Youtuber Kandee Johnson says, it's all part of your success story. I want you all to succeed in all you want to do.

Until next time Cuties (:

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