Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You're as Bright as This Post. Sunglasses required.

Hey there Cuties, are you forgetting something? Or did you lose it? Oh wait, wait I got it, it's on top of your head. Yes, I'm talking about your favorite sunglasses. I suggest you go get them, this post is bright as the sun. We don't need any negative effects on those peepers!

Just barely. Who needs to see your soul anyways?

In 12th century China, the very first types of sunglasses were made. These shades were made of very crude slabes of quartz with only tiny little slits for you to see. They were made to block off the sun's rays, but unfortunately they made actually seeing anything pretty difficult too. That's not all China had in mind for these sunnies. Because, like me China believes that eyes are the windows are the eyes to the soul. So, when judges were deciding cases they wore sunglasses to conceal their emotions and seem like they are only looking at the facts.

Sunnies take over the US. Don't send help.

In 1929 Sam Foster became a true American hero, being the first to mass produce sunglasses here in the US made from celluloid (which was popular for ivory replacement). He first hit the streets in the beaches of  Atlantic City, New Jersey. Woot woot Jersey girl right here Cuties! Of course, with the allure of sunnies he of course went by Grant Foster in business terms. By 1938 Grant had taken the US women by storm Life magazine stating sunglasses being a favorite of thousands of women and that over 20 million pairs were sold. Funniest part? Only 25% of the sunglasses sold were only for protection of the sun.

Celebrities and Glam. No pictures please.

In the 1920s the celebs were all about their favorite sunnies. Not only to avoid curious fans, but the filming itself. The film used at the time had powerful arc lamps that was extremely hot and often made their eyes red and bloodshot. Thank the Lord for the invention of UV filters, otherwise we'd have a lot of bloodshot eyed celebs. Yikes. Can you imagine your favorite celebs eyes bloodshot? Oh the horror!

Aviators. Useful and stylish.

In 1930s optical firm Bausch & Lomb were on a mission to create sunglasses to help protect United States Airforce (Woot woot! Shoutout to all my men and women who serve in our airforce! Comment below!) men and women deal with the incredible high altitude glare.  They finally ended up perfected dark green tinted sunnies to help absorb yellow light in the spectrum so the brave men and women serving our country can protect their peepers!

Sunglasses for the decades. I'm a 50's girl myself.

Every decade had something new to give to our precious sunglasses.What's your decade Cuties?

In the 50s for females it was all about the cat eyed sunnies. My heart and soul Cuties, I haven't met a pair of cat eyed sunnies I didn't like. For all my guy readers, they were all about rocking those brow-line sunnies in the 50s.

Hitting the 60s the sunglasses that were all the rage were retro square sunglasses, the height of cool and creative types, I got to say I could rock these too Cuties. Just saying. What was also very in was...oversized sunnies. Okay even reading this post as I type it, I realize I am a huge sunglasses addict, that can barely wear them. Sad face. Moving on, oversized sunglasses were completely in in the 60s as well.

In the 70s it's all about tinted lenses. Flower power anyone? Jimi Hendrix style Cuties, Hippies unit! Square framed sunglasses were very groovy. You would see these bad boys all over the dance floor. Often in gold or bronze and it was just as popular for men and women. Versatile is a very good thing.

In the 80s shield sunglasses so popular and seemed to look so "futuristic"(honestly, I don't see it, but I rest my case).In the height of MTV, hammer pants, crazy hair, these sunglasses fit right. Aviators also were all the rage, for the celebs and all who want to feel like a million bucks and where's the harm in that Cuties?

That brings us to the 90s. Yesss Cuties, my generation, my people! Besides the fact that we were children and babies during this decade, I still remember these fairly clearly. The sport sunglasses, oh my gosh Cuties I cannot tell you how often I saw men around in the 90s sporting these (haha I'm puny). Whether you did sports or not these were the ones to have. Small round sunglasses, okay so I really can't say I saw this a lot growing up, but it seems that in the 90s they wanted to shrink the 80s to make it cool? Hahaha 90s. Wow, we 90s babies are getting old. Sad face.
But that's all we got Cuties, I hope you enjoyed this little fun facts!

Here's where I got my info if you wanna check it out.

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Until next time Cuties(:

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