Thursday, February 25, 2016

Paint your nails girl.

Hey Cuties, sorry about the lateness. Family calls my Cuties, I've been quite the family gal lately. I finally got around to painting my nails so that feels great. I wanted to bring you some that joy that these polishes bring me, I totally suggest you try them for yourself! I got one for you that will surely match your mood.

Revlon 905 Sophisticated. Grey all day.

This is a beautiful grey color that makes me feel absolutely chic Cuties. It goes with everything I might be feeling that day, casual or dressy. Ah-mazing. Not to mention how I'm so glad that this gem doesn't have a super tiny bottle. Not to mention it looks good no matter if my nails are a little on the short side or long and strong Cuties. It really makes me feel like a beauty blogger.

Essie Mint Candy Apple. Summer all year around.

This is a cute I would say teal color that just screams ice cream and summer and shorts. Even wearing it in the winter makes me feel like it's summer in my soul.  Although I do prefer to wear this one with my nails long, it just feels right. It's like sunshine on my fingertips. It sings to my girly soul, and it's a fun pop of color for casual days. 

nails inc Gel Effect Polish Bond Street. Purple. Yes.

This purple is fun and punchy, if you're the type of Cuties who preach about loving colors and have a bunch of grey, black, and white clothes(Which I totally get you Cutie, I'm that vibe sometimes too.) this is bright enough to stand out, subtle enough to not look out of place. It is my go to purple also for the fact that it is gel effect which feels absolutely luxurious. Without absolutely killing your nails. Win. 

nails inc Neon Notting Hill Gate. Barbie World.

I'm a barbie girl. I freaking love pink. Cuties, this is a girly girl, barbie pink. This is the pink that I swear up and down runs in my blood. Not to mention, it's not just pink, it's neon. If you're anything like me, this is the pink you need. If you're a Cutie that's not all about that pink, try starting out with a paler less intense pink unless you're really to dive in head first to barbie land!

nails inc Gel Effect Polish St. James. Fierce.

This red is a true red Cuties. It's almost like the Russian Red of nail polish to me. It makes me feel fierce and sassy and like my dream is my work and I'm going to keep killing it. Not to mention it is perfect to make the holidays really feel super festive. Not to mention it makes me feel confident and powerful like I shouldn't be scared or worried about a damn thing Cuties. I think that's pretty damn important.

Ciate mini Dollface. Classic.

Last but extremely not least is this beautiful nude taupe color that I have been completely obsessed with lately (I'm even wearing it right now Cuties, a serious problem.). It feels natural and comforting. Almost like you're favorite comfort food without the glaring calories and bloating. (Helloo, I love mac and cheese Cuties.) I do have a few bones to pick with this polish but now is not the time. All I do know is that I need more colors like these. My brights are starting to out number my nudes and I can't deal. 

Good days start with good polish.

Up until recently Cuties, I've been feeling like I don't feel complete or content with a color on my nails. These are my top picks that always put me in a good mood day to day. Every once in a while I give my nails a break, whether I'm lazy or concerned for my nails, and I'm missing them the whole time. If only I could get both hands just as perfect, or at least even. 

Until next time Cuties(: 

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