Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Going grey the right way: Things they might not tell you.

Hey Cuties, I finally did it. I've been dying and lusting for this color for a while now, so I finally took the plunge. My hair is now a beautiful silver through out and I couldn't be happier. It looks fantastic but I'm learning a lot of things I wish someone would have prepared me for Cuties. Both good and bad but here's the scoop before you take the plunge Cuties!

It takes a lot of damage.

This maybe obvious Cuties, but going grey with your hair is going to take a lot of damage. I do mean a lot, so think it over and really prepare your hair for the torture you're about to put it through. Have an arsenal of damage repair, because when you first wash and see your hair, if you're anything like me the minute your hair dries you going to cry inside. I mean ugly cry, but it does get better Cuties.

You have to be really blonde.

It may take multiple bleach sessions to get your hair to the right type of blonde. If you want silver like me. That is a really light color that requires platinum hair. So yes Cuties, lots of bleach and from what I know not much ways to get around it, unless you're a natural blondie. You lucky ducky.

It might hurt.

If you've never been in for a professional bleach Cuties it might hurt. At first it is mild but it does get a bit more of a burning sensation. My Cuties you will survive I promise you, just take deep breathes. What helped me the most was watching my hair transform, it's really shocking especially for a brunette. Confession: I cried a little, thank the heavens for amazing fiances. But besties work just as good!

High Maintenance.

When you finally have you're coveted silver hair your in love with. Within 2 or 3 washes you may notice it starting to fade. Don't fret Cuties this is totally normal you do have to go in pretty often for touch ups and to bleach your roots and such, if you fell in love with your silver locks as quickly as me. The key is to not wash your hair too much aka lazy girl status a bit. Try to only wash your hair once a week. It might be tough sometimes but your silver would last you longer before another trip to the salon or beauty shop.

Time and Dedication.

When I first saw my silver hair sitting in that chair, I almost cried out of joy. Silver is an amazing color and it fits me perfectly and I intend to stick with it for time to come. Being as indecisive as I am it's easy to play up in different ways. Definitely a win win for me Cuties, and a color I've wanted for a long time. But it does take time and patience and dedication. If you want to go grey/silver you better be ready for the commitment because once it's done you got to keep it beautiful, and that can get expensive. I'm learning all this now along with you Cuties, because if we're honest with ourselves Cuties, we'll see that grey/silver is a fun color but it isn't for everyone. Only the curious and brave, so commit confidently!  

Until next time Cuties(:

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