Thursday, February 18, 2016

Here's who needs to teach me their ways of the fashion world.

Hey Cuties, I've been thinking a lot about my looks. You all know I'm a makeup and beauty strictly gal. I wouldn't be the person you go to for fashion advice...But you know what Cuties? Want to know a secret?  I wish you could. I wish I could stylishly effortlessly Instagram "going to the grocery store" looking fab no questions asked. But alas, I cannot do that, my dear Cuties. These ladies can, and I would have absolutely no problem at all if they took me clothes shopping and taught me their ways of the fashion world.

Dulce Candy. Please. Goals.

First on my list, is the beautiful Dulce Candy. Her style is so effortless and gorgeous and not at all revealing. Which is a big deal to me Cuties. I'm not a girl who likes to show my features. I find confidence in modesty. Which is why I love her styles. Even when she's just going to run a quick errand she looks like she's ready for a photo op. Plus she's a makeup queen as well. Talk about goals. Might just pick up her book. Win. Win.


HeyGorJess. NYC Style.

This girl Jessica  is sooo cool.(Yes, my descriptions are so detailed right? I try, I try.) Being a fairly new "New Yorker" myself she is how I see a lot of the fashion forward women that rule Manhattan and I strive to look like this. Not to mention I could relate to her, curly hair and all. Her looks seem easily attainable and easy to do. This would definitely be the most realistic dream is for her to show me the fashion spots in this city of dreams. Not to mention ask her tips for where she takes her pictures that always have this chic urban feel that is so inspiring to me. She stands tall and fierce, no surprise to me. You go Glenn Coco!

Instagram: NYC State of Style.

Pretty Little Wings. The girly girl in me is crying.

Stella makes the girly girl in me cry. Fluttery chic coats, statement necklaces, clutches, sequin, layers, everything. Especially without looking over done which is a huge plus for me. With my hair down and pretty it makes my soul sings, looking amazing in the wind and chic down these NYC streets. All the cute skirts have me drooling, although a bit short for me but I'm sure Stella would make a work around for me. Pretty please? Totally business ready as well. Slay away girl.

Instagram: Gorg.

Cheetah Talk Y Mas. Speaking to the Latina in me. All day.

Simple, easy, affordable, and relatable. That's how I feel about Elena's style. She makes it look so easy to take pieces you already own like your favorite jeans and make them a worthy part of that day's outfit. With bright pops of color in some pieces and afforable saving posts I love checking in with her style as often as I can. Not to mention her adorable clutches and accessories. Move to NYC? Thanks!

Instagram: Insta BFF.Duh.

I'm A Little. Anywhere. Any weather.

I, my Cuties, am a freezer. I get cold soooo easily. I just discovered it's possible to look cute and by the looks of it, be absolutely cozy. Easy go to without feeling like you're stepping too much out of you comfort zone which is a huge deal to me. Her collection of sunnies and cozy hats make me sooo jealous, mind if I borrow one?  Or ten? Okay thanks. I need at least one of every coat Alexandra. Please. I will wear them religiously, short people unite Cuties. Short people unite.

Instagram:Rain or Shine.

Fashion dreams. One day.

With all these amazing style bloggers I'm bound to learn something right Cuties? I really hope it rubs off on me I really do. Everyone has those people they look on Instagram and are like can I steal your closet?  Or purses?  Or can you just take me shopping in or out of your closet? K Thanks. I have those major feels for these bloggers. Check out their respective links and let them know I sent you and tell them to please come say hi!  Who is your style dream? Fashion goals Cuties? 

Until next time Cuties(:

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