Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Would I get Eyelash Extensions?

Hey Cuties, I have sooo many mascaras that claim to give you natural, longer, fuller, lashes.This is the real deal Cuties. The real way to get gorgeous lashes without mascara, if you consider the investment. With the buzz around eyelash extensions here are my thoughts.

They are expensive.

You're first set of lashes from a reputable salon(which is obvious, but with all the excitement, and if you're like me, easily forgotten, so make sure Cuties!) will cost you anywhere in the ball park of $200-$500 bucks. Yikes. After that to maintain them it'll cost you between $50 and $150, depending on if they look how you want them to.

They are high maintenance.

Cuties, I beg you, with your investment, please baby the living hell out of your lashes. From what I've seen you must be careful what makeup remover you use, make sure it's not oil based. You must keep moisture away from your lashes as much as possible. Which is definitely a hassle when washing your face or hair or being in the shower in general. This is definitely a deal breaker for me Cuties, more than anything when I want to relax and refresh, the last thing I want to worry about is my lashes.

They limit your makeup. Sad face.

Cuties, if you've been around a while you'll know that I'm a huge eye makeup girl over almost any other type of makeup. Hello, my name is Yolanda and I'm addicted to lip products. So, the fact that you can't wear too much eyeliner or shadow to close to your lash-line and such is a big struggle for me, when I play I play hard. So even when I'm going for "everyday" I need a little pop in my eyes. But by all means Cuties, if you're the type of girl (or boy) that is get up and go,doing as little as possible looking as good as possible (and believe me I have those days too) then this might be a definitely plus.

It takes forever. And ever. And ever.

The initial application takes about 3 hours and you have to keep your eyes still. If you're anything like me Cuties you can't sit still for an hour episode of any of your favorite shows without a leg break. I cannot imagine 3 hours?!  I would die. Patience is a virtue I'm yet to master Cuties. If you're patience then you definitely have my kudos. Especially if you could sit through a whole episode of all these great shows.

They Look Fabulous. Flawless.

This I cannot deny Cuties. With eyelash extensions on, it does wonders that no mascara could do. Not that some do not come very close, but never quite there. They look absolutely gorgeous and have close to infinite combos (Naruto binging for the win, who's your favorite shinobi Cuties?) which could make yours look unique to you! You will definitely be turning heads Cuties, which with these gems you will catch a lot of eyes. Right next to your sparkling personalities! If you could deal with all these things, I say Cutie go do it!  As for me, I don't see it in my future. But if you have eyelash extensions I want to see them! I bet they look out of this world.

These are the articles I looked at Cuties,go check them out!

Until next Cuties(:

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